Spiritual Awakening will Benefit Others

We Carry this Message and Practice these Principles

“The mystery of a 'spiritual awakening' is not that we can hold onto these holy, life-giving moments, these mountain top experiences forever…..but rather that we are changed by them, and the world becomes a different place for us…..a safer, more loving, more remarkable place. We undergo transfiguration, and our lives are molded and re-created by the power of God‘s love.”
Todd Smelser

Our spiritual awakening has long term consequences. We have a new freedom and new happiness and new understanding. The 12th step asks us to carry this message to others and practice these principles in all our affairs.

I had told you earlier that golf was the vehicle to a new and better attitude and the 12 Steps was the map. Golf being the metaphor for life we have discovered that our problems have not been limited to golf.

If we have been diligent about our inventories and honest and open about our lives we will have seen that there is a multitude of areas where we have fallen short of living a principled life.

If you are painstaking about working these steps into your life, you will have the promises unfold. The Steps do work if you work them. There is not a softer way. Many will tell you that you should continue to blame others for your discomfort. Our goal is freedom from the bondage of self. Free from the imprisonment of people, places and things.

We were obsessed with performance and what others thought of us. We wanted to be in control and dominate others. We took ourselves too seriously rather than taking life seriously.

There are others who displayed the false pride of artificial humility. They were self-centered and believed their insecurity a virtue. Arrogantly believing that people were actually concerned about them, making any excuse to rationalize their behavior.

We have the revelation of how much fun golf can really be. We have let go and let ourselves out of the box. We still want to golf well but it isn’t our primary focus. We appreciate the historic nature of golf. We feel honored to be a part of the game, and want to learn it’s heritage. The joy of not having every course look like Augusta is finally ours.

Throughout this life long journey we will discover how our spiritual awakening will benefit others. We now have been given understanding of how our narrow limited self centeredness no longer serves us. These Principles when practiced have proven to change millions of people’s lives. These are basic Steps for everyone who desires a better life for themselves and others.

We live in a world of confused morality. Our societies are believing that we have progressed and have become mature “free thinkers”, we have not. We are led around to believe anything and we truly stand for nothing.

Do not be misled-once we have come to the 12th Step we are actually moving away from “the collective” mentality and entering the realm of “individual responsibility”. There has been a belief in “for the common good” which has guided us toward a culture of sheep. We have become enslaved with belief in the lie.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and we must stop the insanity.

With our practice of these Principles we are empowered to break the bondage that has corrupted us. We see the “common good" as individual responsibility. We walk out of the cave of illusions and shadows into the light.

A spiritual awakening may be quick but is usually a gradual progression of realizations. Most spiritual awakenings are not immediate, but they will appear.

It will take a spiritual awakening to be made aware of truth and break free from purveyors of the lie.

We are now asked to help others as we have been helped. We carry this message to a world of pain and suffering.

If you want what we have and are willing to go to any means to achieve it, you will find that there is hope-and we will be able to find our freedom and happiness.

“You are only as powerful as that for which you stand. Do you stand for more money in the bank and a bigger house? Do you stand for an attractive mate? Do you stand for imposing your way of thinking upon others? These are the stands of the personality seeking to satisfy its wants. Do you stand for perfection, for the beauty and compassion of each soul? Do you stand for forgiveness and humbleness? These are the stands of the personality that has aligned itself with its soul. This is the position of a truly powerful personality.”
Gary Zukav

The Seat of the Soul

Spirtitual Awakening

Carl Jung

God's Voice

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