Restoration to Sanity

We Keep Doing the Same Things over, Expecting Different Results

"There is in us an instinct for newness, for renewal, for a liberation of creative power. We seek to awaken in ourselves a force which really changes our lives from within. And yet the same instinct tells us that this change is a recovery of that which is deepest, most original, most personal in ourselves. To be born again is not to become somebody else, but to become ourselves.”

Thomas Merton

Restoration to sanity, we seek help through a Higher Power to find a way to stop the insanity.

Coming to believe in a Power Greater than ourselves will change our thinking. We are not God. We have tried to control people, places and things. We have been driven by demanding dominion over things we cannot change. We have been self seeking, it is time to be restored to sanity.

We live in a day and age of self rule. We must accept that we are not God, and be grateful for that revelation. Look what we have wrought on this world with our arrogance and self rule.

We have carried our insanity to every part of our lives and that includes golf. We are masters of the universe and all the minions around us should bow down to our superiority.

We believe that we could preform to the level of our true capabilities, if everything around us would just behave. We really do think we are better golfers than we really are, and we are. It is a question of how to achieve letting that golfer we think we are, become the golfer we are. Become restored to an ideal.

For some of us insane obsessed golfers we have the other form of insanity. This insanity is known as insecurity. Insecurity is nothing more than false pride masquerading as humility. We love the game but approach it with timidity and fear. We fear making a mistake. Everyone is watching us and we dare not make a mistake. We are now the center of attraction. We tell ourselves all those negative things that have cursed us. Telling ourselves that we are not "good" enough is the same as telling ourselves we are "superior", same coin different side. This fear of performance escalates and in turn causes us to freeze over a simple golf shot. We freeze-and then we have no confidence-we flub the shot. This insanity needs to be destroyed, and we must be restored to sanity.

Intellectually we have been aware of these things, we have not had the tools to have a restoration of the intellect and soul connection.

This is a Spiritual Program not a Religion

Many have looked to a pro as a Power Greater than ourselves. Finding the right instructor is healthy and the right thing to do. We do need to understand grip, stance and swing. Trying to go out without any instruction is like buying a sail boat and letting the wind teach us by blowing us too and fro. Pros are fallible and they can give you what you need physically, they mostly lack the psychological understanding of your mind and cannot restore us to sanity. How many of them tell us about the mental game and visualization and positive thinking. We must change our old ideas if we are to have any success.

12 Step Golf is a spiritual program based on spiritual principles, we practice no religion (although we practice the steps religiously). We must find a God of our own understanding. It has been our old beliefs that have locked us into a lack of knowledge and held us captive and in the dark. We need restoration of our souls and mind and spirit.

We completely give ourselves to this simple program:

1. We cannot manage our own game.

2. That no human power could restore us to sanity.

3. That God could and would if he were sought.

If golf has brought you to tears or to your knees, that is proof that golf has become your Higher Power, and it is time for you to be restored to sanity.

“If a person feels a longing to be at one with the universe, it is as if the universe feels the same longing to be at one with the person. If I sense a great aching in my heart to be in love with God, it seems that God must in some mysterious way share that aching for me.”

Gerald May
Will and Spirit

God's Care

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12 Step Golf is a spiritual approach to golf

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