Removal of our Shortcomings

We humbly ask God for our defects to be removed

“To find in ourselves what makes life worth living is risky business, for it means that once we know, we must seek it. It also means that without it life will be valueless.”
Marsha SinetarOrdinary People as Monks and Mystics

Each step in our program brings us closer to the humility we need to create our humanity. Without true humility, we cannot attain true happiness. It is through the removal of our defects we begin to live with a purpose, and we can call on our faith to meet any emergency.

Humility is the foundation of our compassion and empathy. To be able to identify with our fellow travelers is a precious gift. We have demanded our fair share of security and prestige and recognition, humility sheds light on these distortions.

We are at the stage where we can rebuild our character. No longer desiring the running of the show. We begin to value our spiritual quest. We discover what constitutes a life. It is what we do and how we do it.

We start to see that honesty and tolerance, understanding and forgiveness and love of God and our fellows desirable goals.

We find that submission to humility is the beginning of being liberated from people places and things that have dictated our response to life and to people.

There will be no medal nor reward we will be able to pin on our chest or display on our mantle when we take this step.

Plato told us to seek virtue for virtue’s sake. It should always be between us and our Higher Power, to be humble for God’s sake, not ours. Do not hold tight to these defects, fearing the radical changes that will occur.

We see all around us what the lack of humility can do. It is to our benefit if we can accept that humility is not to be avoided.

It is through the grace of God, we discover that, He can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. If we are honest God can remove our defects.

We have led egocentric lives, we begin to let go being the center of the universe. We start to allow ourselves to grow away from ego driven demands and grow toward God and our fellows.

We Pray:

“God I am entirely ready to have you remove my shortcomings, which stand between me and thee. Grant me courage as I embark on this new way of life.”

“…..rejoice in your growth, in which you naturally can take no one with you, and be kind to those who remain behind, and be sure and calm before them and do not torment them with your doubts and do not frighten them with your confidence or joy…..”
Rainer Maria Tilke

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