My Ministry

Welcome to 12 Step Golf a Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Ministry web site.

This ministry exists for the purpose of educating, encouraging, and establishing an emphasis in prayer and spiritual awakening that will bring you closer to your true self and improve your attitude on the golf course.

Three words that define this ministry are Surrendering, Seeking, and Sharing.

I am committed to the belief that the only path to true happiness is:

Surrendering to God's will through prayer

Seeking God through prayer

Sharing God with a lost world through prayer

I am sure you may be wondering who I am or who does she think she is?

I am Jo Anne N., and I am a recovering golfaholic/alcoholic. I have 27 years of active sober living. I have golfed for 48 years. I have run many golf tournaments over the years including the Rally for the Cure in support of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for 10 years.

I have served as our Monday Morning Lilac Bros. Ladies Golf League as secretary and president for 10 years.

The principles I have used to remain sober, as taught through the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous have been utilized and adapted by others for numerous addictions.

That fateful day in 2004 was when I knew I was seriously addicted to golf. I hit my bottom and I needed help. I needed to practice these principles with diligence on the fairways.

I have shared the 12 Step Program with many persons in and out of A.A. I know the restorative power these steps contain. My mission and purpose in life has been to carry this message and help create a better life for all who want one.

The time has come for me to open the window wider and let everyone know how to use these steps in all their affairs, regardless of who they are, no matter where they were.

I am a student of psychology and have a Doctor of Divinity degree from AIHT. I am an ordained minister in The Church of Inner Wisdom. I have been a coach for students of “A Course in Miracles”. My background is that of an accountant. My formal education was at Wayne State University in Detroit.

As I have studied, taught and coached, I found the way to peace, serenity and freedom were all contained in the 12 principles of A.A.

I knew I had to expand my ministry to help golfers and others find their way through un-chartered waters and discover recovery. The Internet is the window I wanted to use to help a world in want. I have been using the Internet for 15 years and knew someday there would be a place here for me.

The time has come for me to open the window wider and let everyone know how to use these steps in all their affairs, regardless of who they are, no matter where they were.

I had tried to understand HTML years ago. It wasn’t the right time. HTML was difficult, and I was running my accounting business and couldn't be bothered. I just kept saying “someday”.

Today is that someday. I discovered Site Build It. I shopped around looking for an easier softer way, and there was none.

I wanted to do it my way, so I downloaded those so called “what you see is what you get” programs. What I was getting wasn’t what I wanted to see. I decided it would take me a very long time to learn how to figure out all I needed to do to have a web site.

I took the plunge and went with SBI, and besides, they had a money back guarantee. SBI has given me the tools, I need to produce a web site. I have even begun to understand some HTML.

Through Solo Build It I have been given the opportunity to help others with my web site. I have been able to extend my hand out to the world to help it find a better path.

I hope you too will find healing for your soul, mind and spirit. We can be healed so we can become part of the solution rather than remain part of the problem.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other and we can “build that stairway to Paradise, with a new step everyday”.
(George/Ira Gershwin)

Thank You


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12 Step Golf is a spiritual approach to golf

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