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I have been a life long member of the PGA Partners Club. They have exciting news about the future of the Club! They are moving in a new direction after 12 great years as partners with the PGA TOUR. Effective January 1, 2010, the Club ceased its affiliation with the TOUR and began a new partnership with GOLF Magazine.

As a result, they are called Golf Partners Club. Going forward, all paid Club members will receive GOLF Magazine every month instead of PGA TOUR Partners every other month. Please visit their new site: Golf Partners Club

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October 28, 2010

Driver = 15 Yards More Distance?

For the past two years, Adams Golf's Speedline drivers have been at the forefront of aerodynamic technology. And the next generation, the Speedline 9064LS driver, is said to create even less drag and airflow turbulence--resulting in faster club head speed and up to 15 yards more distance.

Speedline drivers have been among the easiest to hit, and the new 9064LS is no exception. Design changes include improved aerodynamics, a deeper face and increased MOI (moment of inertia) for more forgiveness. The new features optimize launch conditions with 15 percent lower spin off the club face, meaning extra distance.

Speedline drivers ($479.99) have 14 professional wins, and the 9064LS model is in the bags of such pros as Adams Golf staffers Tom Watson, Paul Azinger and Tommy Armour III.

The Alpha (lower ball flight) and Gamma (higher ball flight) versions of the new Aldila RIP graphite shafts are sold with the 9064.

Adams Speedline 4G Ultra-Lite Driver

Adams Mens Speedline 9032 LS Driver - RH Graphite

October 26, 2010

A Putter to Ponder--Even at $49.99

Sometimes, oddly enough, a low price scares discerning golfers away from purchase; they worry that they get what they pay for, which probably isn’t much. However, with Tour Edge, it's like the old song says: "It ain't necessarily so."

Example: The Tour Edge's Backdraft GT+ putter features a high-contrast head and jumbo-size grip the company says have never before been combined in putter design. These performance-enhancing features, according to Tour Edge, deliver superior accuracy and forgiveness.

The difference between GT+ putter and darker putters is the non-reflective white-against-green-grass contrast, which helps players focus on Backdraft’s leading edge and alignment aids.

The GT's jumbo grip, meanwhile, helps prevent the wrists from breaking down during the stroke and reduces grip pressure and club-head rotation. This makes for a softer touch and more pure putting stroke.

The new Backdraft GT+ features four designs and sells for $49.99.

Tour Edge BackDraft GT+ OS-4 Putter

Tour Edge BackDraft GT+ OS-3 Putter

Tour Edge BackDraft GT+ OS-2 Putter

Tour Edge BackDraft GT+ OS-1 Putter

October 25, 2010

Gotta Give a Hand to This Glove

Golf gloves ... one is pretty much like the others, right? We use them up and throw them away without giving them much thought. Well, we've found that it's nearly impossible to use up the Bionic Glove, and we don't want to throw it away because it’s the most comfortable glove we ever worn.

The comfort comes from the thought that went into this glove; it was designed by an orthopedic hand specialist and it features:

  • Anatomical relief pads that eliminate the fingers' peaks and valleys, leveling the surface and allowing for better contact and increased grip strength
  • Web and motion zones, which are the knuckle and web areas covered by stretchable and breathable Lycra, thus creating natural flexibility and dexterity
At $24.95 per glove, the Bionic is a bit pricey. But as mentioned previously, we've used it all summer and cannot wear it out. Bionic Golf Glove - Classic

October 19, 2010

Play With Bobby Jones, Sort of

You gotta have some stones to name a line of clubs after the fabled Bobby Jones (pictured). Customers will notice the name, of course, and will darn well demand that the club lives up to that name. We certainly did when we tried a pitching wedge in the Bobby Jones Pelz Series Wedge

In short, this club lives up to the name. We've hit several "walk-off" approach shots with it, shots so pure in sound and feel that we could've walked off the course right after tucking the ball close and had our golf appetite sated for the week. We like the Bobby Jones wedge because:

  • It's heavier than most, which helps to get rid of the quick-hands swing
  • The Carpenter 440XH face material is a wear-resistant metal alloy that maintains face friction and groove integrity
  • A structural bonding membrane that’s behind the face material creates a soft, forged-like feel

October 14, 2010

Is It a Golf Cart or a Car?

In the 1940s, carts that were built for use in supermarkets were modified into golf carts and used primarily by golfers with disabilities. Over the years, they've been modified into street-legal models to meet the consumer demand for small electric vehicles that are convenient for day-to-day use.

Helping meet this demand are two new luxury models with a sleek design (for a golf cart): The Garia Golf Car and The Garia LSV, a street-legal version that’s equipped with seatbelts and side mirrors and has a top speed of 25 m.p.h.

The Garia is built at the same factory as the Porsche Boxster and Cayman. The manufacturer claims that, beyond filling transportation needs for golfers, these small electric vehicles sport automotive features in spades and are less costly to keep on the road and less polluting than traditional vehicles.

Garia: a cart or a car?

October 12, 2010

Annika vs. the King, Golden Bear

Annika Sorenstam, who won 10 LPGA majors and 90 international tournaments before retiring in 2009, is rapidly establishing a championship reputation off the course.

Following in the footsteps of Palmer, Nicklaus and Norman, Sorenstam is combining her passions for golf, fitness, fashion, cooking and wine into a portfolio of endeavors under the "ANNIKA" brand. Sorenstam has a:

  • Golf academy at the Ginn Reunion Resort in Orlando
  • Signature fragrance with SA Fragrances
  • Collection of apparel with Cutter & Buck
  • Wine partnership with Wente Vineyards in Livermore, California

If that weren't enough, Sorenstam designs golf courses and recently completed a 27-hole complex at the Golden Bay Golf & Resort near Seoul, Korea. Other Sorenstam designs include Patriot Point Links in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina; The Golf Club at Red Mountain in Rossland, British Columbia, Canada; Mission Hills Resort in Shenzhen, China; and Olivion in Belek, Turkey.

October 11, 2010

Groom Golf Courses With Goats!

This news will get your goat--and perhaps get you to get a goat, if you're a golf course superintendant.

Avon Golf Course in Fayette County, Kentucky, uses goats to control ragweed and other tall, woody brush without using chemicals. Goats are kept from the greens and fairways on the 70-acre course by battery-powered electric fencing. When the goats have chewed up the weeds in one spot, the superintendant moves the fencing and goats to another.

A plus is that goats are free. Goat producers allow their animals to be used for landfill and golf course projects because of the savings in feeding costs.

Goats aren't lawnmowers, however; many stalks remain. Still, the grounds crew can see better what they're mowing. And the animals are a curiosity. "I have yet to see a golfer that didn't stop and take a look at them," says golf course superintendent Don Davis.

October 07, 2010

"Plug & Play" Heated Golf Jacket

We just heard about a golf jacket that's heated by a small, lightweight rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Having nearly frozen our butts off recently playing early morning cart golf, this news warms our hearts (and other body parts).

The ANSAI Mobile Warming Softshell Jacket has an integrated heating system that gives warmth for the whole round just by touching a button. It's made with Carboflex stretchable material so the jacket isn't stiff. There are two heating panels on the chest and one on the back to provide a quick warm-up. You can even hand wash or machine-wash the jacket and then let it air dry.

You may find that the jacket, while flexible, cramps your golf style a bit too much. So an option might be to wear it during those freezing cart rides between holes, and then shed it as you swing.

October 05, 2010

More Putting, Less Picking Up Balls

When you practice putting, you also practice picking. That is, you have to pick up every ball you putt. Not if you use the , which fellow Golf Partners Club members tested and gave an 83 percent approval rating.

The RoboCup doubles or triples the number of practice putts because you save time retrieving putts. It sits inside the hole and launches the ball back to you up to 14 feet away. It comes with a Caddy Cord that's placed around the hole; missed putts bounce off the Caddy Cord into the cup and then back to you.

Tester comments:

- "I can take three times as many putts while practicing. An added benefit is ... I'm no longer leaving putts short."

- "It makes practicing putting fun again. My only wish is that it worked in more directions without having to move the unit when changing putting positions."

October 04, 2010

Oh, It Feels As Good As It Looks

There's eye candy, and then there's foot candy. These new Ecco Casual Cool II Premier golf shoes are both.

We discovered, after a few rounds of golf in different types of weather, that the Casual Cools are not only one of the most fashionable shoes in golf (in our humble opinion), but they're also more comfortable than any shoe--golf or otherwise--that we've worn.

The Casual Cools live up to their name, casual yet stylish in six different color combos and with water-resistant leather. No matter where we hit on the course--from the tee box, fairway, rough, bunker, green, cart path--the shoes had superior stability and traction to give us a well-balanced shot.

And the comfort. Now, we'd been wearing well-worn shoes for a while, which made the heel and arch support of the Casual Cools instantly noticeable. Why had we waited so long to show our feet some TLC?

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