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October 08, 2012

5 Most Disappointing on PGA Tour

Hey, whatever happened to these budding superstars?

  1. Sergio Garcia Back in 1999 at the PGA Championship, we all thought the 19-year old scissor-kicking Spaniard, who lost to Tiger by one stroke at Medinah, would have a slew of majors by now.
  2. Anthony Kim (pictured) Talk about missing in action. Whether it's injuries or too many good times off the course, Kim has fallen far short of the lofty predictions.
  3. Charles Howell III When ol' "Charlie Three Sticks" arrived on Tour in 2000, the Augusta, Georgia, native was supposed to challenge Tiger. It never happened, even though he's bagged more than $23 million on Tour.
  4. Boo Weekley We haven't seen much from Weekley since his cowboy horse-riding antics at the 2008 Ryder Cup. That said, he's done pretty well since his days as a hydroblaster at a chemical plant.

October 09, 2012

The Antidote to Tricked-up Courses

Are you sick and tired of playing tricked-up, gimmicky modern courses that seem like close relatives of your nearby mini-course with volcanoes and dragon heads? Here's a sensible solution:

Play a Donald Ross course.

The transplanted Scotsman designed 413 courses that have stood the test of time. Ross courses are known for their classic designs, sound routings, simple, subtle hazards and imaginative greens. Here's a sampling of some you can play:

Broadmoor East Course (Colorado Springs, Colorado). Recognized by many as one of Ross' best designs, it has fantastic mountain panoramas.

Donald Ross Course at French Lick Resort (pictured) (French Lick Indiana). Highlighted by magnificent, mature tree growth and bunkers with flat bottoms and steep faces, this 1917 course was restored by the Donald Ross Society.

Fort Myers Country Club (Fort Myers, Florida). Opened in 1917, it was a favorite of winter residents Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

Shennecossett Golf Club (Groton, Connecticut). One of Ross' oldest designs, "Shenny" was built in 1898. There are great views of the Thames River and the Long Island Sound.

October 11, 2012

New Golf Beer and a Stylin' Sweeps

Anytime a company links the name of a golf legend to its new product, that product had better be good -- real good. Especially a beer. Heck, we're known to sip and return beers that obviously don’t make our cut. Given that, it was with scowling cynicism that we received a sampling of Slammin' Sam Premium Lager, named after Sam Snead.

Well, one swig of this supposedly "Smoothest Beer in Golf" ... and we can report that a smile replaced the scowl. We were expecting a dud but soon realized we were drinking some good suds that were smooth (but not as smooth as Sam’s swing) and tasty.

The law says we can't offer beer as a sweepstakes prize, so we'll recommend it and offer a pretty cool golf hat as substitute: a Scala Sam Snead ($48). We'll award this stylish lid to five winners in our Sam Snead Hat Sweepstakes. Enter now through October 14, 2012.

October 15, 2012

True Confessions of a Cart Girl

As you'll learn in our latest edition of "Stick It Close" (see video), cart girls are universally loved because:

  1. They provide a needed break. Often, they arrive after a bad hole. They pull us out of our funk and remind us that this is just a game.
  2. They provide food and water. A round of golf can be rough as we take on the course and the elements. We need to be refreshed during a round, and cart girls are the "cavalry."
  3. They provide beauty. They're pretty, and it's good for our soul to pause and appreciate beauty.

On a recent golf trip to Branson, Missouri, we interviewed cart girls about the realities of their profession. We hit them with questions such as: Do they like the term "cart girls?" What tactics do they use to earn big tips? Who are the bigger tippers, men or women?

October 16, 2012

2012's Biggest Disappointment?

Golf Channel analyst John Hawkins writes for Partner Advice.

There's a new sheriff in town. Rory McIlroy may never rule pro golf at the box office, but the Irish lad has eliminated any lingering questions as to the identity of the world's best golfer. After 13 years of dominance and two years of leaving people to wonder if he'd ever rediscover his premium form, Tiger Woods clearly has been unseated atop the game's competitive hierarchy.

So in 2012, my Player of the Year is a no-brainer. And while we're at it....

Shot of the Year: Bubba Watson from the pine straw in the Masters playoff against Louis Oosthuizen. Another gimme.

Comeback of the Year: Woods will get the actual prize from his peers, but how about Ernie Els? So what if Adam Scott gift-wrapped a fourth major title for the Big Easy?

Biggest disappointment: Always lots of choices here. I'll go with Jason Day, the young Aussie who was on the fast track to stardom but finished 99th on the '12 money list.

October 17, 2012

One Click Equals 25 More Yards

That's the formula: One click = 25 more yards off the tee. Yep, one mouse click leads you to a driving range where Hank Haney and Mark O'Meara are talking shop. It's a "private lesson," just you and those two as they discuss the art of getting what you want: more power and better positioning with your drives!

Not only does the Hank Haney "Driving Lessons" DVD offer 25 more yards off the tee, but also there's the Golf Online Academy guarantee that says by studying this DVD, you'll be booming bonus-yardage drives in two weeks!

How is this possible? Because you'll have know-how. In your "Driving Lessons" DVD, Haney and O'Meara hit hard on the swing plane and swing motion for the driver. They also teach you how to draw the ball, hit a fade, hit straight, "widen" the fairway, fix a hook and fix a slice -- all for only $5.95.
is the cost of the Hank Haney "Driving Lessons" DVD. Also shipping and handling are free!

October 29, 2012

Make a Pit Stop to Fix Your Slice

By pit stop, we don't mean the rest room. True, we often do our best thinking while on the throne, but that alone won't fix your slice or hook. However, the Swedge could -- and to use this small, washable, half-moon pillow, you tuck it under your armpit.

For years, instructors have recommended the towel drill, which amounts to placing a towel or head cover under the armpit in order to cure the "chicken wing" or "flying elbow" that contributes to hooks and slices (see video). The Swedge replaces the towel and reminds you to keep your arms connected to your body, which creates more power and control.

The Swedge works well at the range and on the course; hang it from your bag for use with your practice swings. Heck, even if you don't use it during a round, just seeing the Swedge as you pull your club is a great reminder to "stay connected" for the shot.

Golf Training Aid( COLOR: Black, HAND:Both, MODEL:N/A, SIZE:N/A, HEAD: )

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