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I have been a life long member of the PGA Partners Club. They have exciting news about the future of the Club! They are moving in a new direction after 12 great years as partners with the PGA TOUR. Effective January 1, 2010, the Club ceased its affiliation with the TOUR and began a new partnership with GOLF Magazine.

As a result, they are called Golf Partners Club. Going forward, all paid Club members will receive GOLF Magazine every month instead of PGA TOUR Partners every other month. Please visit their new site: Golf Partners Club

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October 31, 2011

10-ft. Sharks in Water Hazard!!

"Simply put that hazard out of your mind! It's not there!"

Remember when your golf instructor gave you that sage advice? And it works -- except when your peripheral vision catches a slowly moving dorsal fin of a 10-ft. shark. Now, that water hazard has some serious bite to it!

If that's your kind of golf, too bad because there's probably only one shark-infested course and it's in Australia. Six man-eating bull sharks live in the lake in the center of the course at Brisbane's Carbrook Golf Club.

The 8- to 10-ft.-long sharks arrived on the Queensland course when it flooded years ago after a river broke its banks. They became stranded when the water receded, but now they're breeding.

"You can't believe how close you are ... just 6 feet away," said club general manager Scott Wagstaff. The sharks have become famous and a monthly tournament has developed: the "Shark Lake Challenge."

October 27, 2011

Get in Shape Like Natalie Gulbis

Let's state the obvious: LPGA golfer Natalie Gulbis is in great shape. But let's also state that she works very hard at conditioning -- that's obvious in this video -- and it helps her compete in 30-plus tournaments a year.

Take a look as she demonstrates her daily workout routine. Now try the routine. If you start doing these exercises regularly, it'll help you be a stronger, more limber golfer.

As Gulbis, a former gymnast, goes through the exercises, she focuses on flexibility, stability and balance. She also strengthens the core of her body because that's where most power comes from in a golf swing.

By the way, guys, don't make the mistake of thinking that Gulbis’ golf fitness routine is just for women. She and the male interviewer did "The Plank" core-strengthening exercise together; he was begging to end it and she barely broke a sweat.

October 18, 2011

New Driver Is Longer--by 2 Inches

Cobra Golf continues to push the envelope in terms of distance technology. The latest example is its 48-in. Long Tom driver ($349) and limited edition Long Tom Raw ($499). The key to hitting these longer drivers (in this case, about 2 in. longer than other drivers) is timing, especially for shorter players. It'll be interesting to see how the Long Tom is received.

The 4-ft. length of the Long Tom (see video) and Long Tom Raw drivers (see video), conforms to USGA rules. Both feature Advanced Material Placement, E9 Face Technology with dual roll and the new Grafalloy Blackbird shaft. Only 500 Long Tom Raw drivers will be released globally, each individually marked with a production serial number.

The Long Tom name, by the way, comes from a cannon used during World War II and the Korean War. In the 1970s, Cobra released its first version of the Long Tom, which was 46 in. long.

Cobra Men's Long Tom Senior Driver

Cobra Long Tom Driver

Cobra Long Tom RAW Driver

Cobra Men's Long Tom Driver

Cobra Men's Long Tom Raw Driver

October 12, 2011

Haney Gets Your Swing on Plane

That's famed instructor Hank Haney (left) and TV announcer Gary Koch in the video. Believe it or not, Koch, a six-time PGA Tour winner, still works on his swing plane. He understands that if his swing is on plane, he's bound to hit it pure.

Many of us, unfortunately, don't know what our swing plane is. If we do, we're often clueless about getting our swing on plane. Here's the most effective way: Use Hank Haney's PlaneFinder.

The PlaneFinder is simple to set up on the range, at home or in the office. Swing on plane through the indicators. If you miss all indicators, you're swinging on plane; if you hit one, you're not.

With the PlaneFinder, feel, sight and sound teach you instantly to swing on plane, which will lower your scores. The device works with every club, from lob wedge to driver.

Hank Haney PlaneFinder™

October 11, 2011

Junior Seau Learns Caddie Trade

Former NFL All-Pro linebacker Junior Seau was at home on the gridiron and dominated Monday Night Football games many times during his 19-year career. But on the golf course, well, let's just say he's a ready and willing student. As part of his TV show "Sports Jobs With Junior Seau," Seau learns to be a professional caddie for LPGA star Natalie Gulbis.

The best advice Seau receives in his first lesson on caddying comes down to this: "Keep up, show up and shut up." Seau jokes that that’s easy to remember because it reminds him of his marriage.

Gulbis finds that Seau is a bit gullible on the driving range, but Seau is a good sport. And, not surprisingly for an ex-football player, he loves taking a hit while driving the range-ball picker-upper.

October 04, 2011

Putt With a Butt in Your Gut?

Writing for Partner Advice, Golf Channel analyst John Hawkins tells it like it is on the pro tour.

Phil Mickelson's switch to a belly putter last month seemed to validate the Broomstick Revolution--a summer when going long became synonymous with going strong.

The long putter was formerly thought of as a bromide for aging golfers or those who had exceeded their quota of missed four-footers. No more. Mickelson's conversion the week after Webb Simpson became the third consecutive PGA Tour winner under age 31 (including PGA winner Keegan Bradley, pictured) to do it with an "anchored" stroke--bracing the gripped end of the putter against his body.

Ernie Els and Jim Furyk, both future Hall of Famers in their early 40s, bellied up shortly before Philly Mick, leading to snickers among those who remember Els calling for a ban on long putters in the spring of 2004. Once a hypocrite, always a hypocrite? When first place pays $1.5 million and you haven't sniffed a top five in 18 months, you do what you have to do. Even with egg on your face and a 48-inch steel shaft in your gut.

Try a Belly Putter for just $39.99! Convert your putter to a Belly Putter with Belly Putt!

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