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I have been a life long member of the PGA Partners Club. They have exciting news about the future of the Club! They are moving in a new direction after 12 great years as partners with the PGA TOUR. Effective January 1, 2010, the Club ceased its affiliation with the TOUR and began a new partnership with GOLF Magazine.

As a result, they are called Golf Partners Club. Going forward, all paid Club members will receive GOLF Magazine every month instead of PGA TOUR Partners every other month. Please visit their new site: Golf Partners Club

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March 30, 2010

This Putter Looks So Weird ... It's Cool

When first looking at this putter, we thought, "Hmmm, this is weird." What caught our eye was the unique, horizontal ridge on the putter face. So, we just had to try the Utopia TXR I putter, and this is what we found:

    The slow-motion video shows the ridge of the putter face typically hits right at or slightly above the equator of the ball. This creates a smooth, forward roll. With other putters, the ball sometimes skids or hops off the putter, which decreases accuracy.

  • The three alignment lines are simple and helpful for accurate putting.
  • Our only concern is with long putts. When you swing harder, the ridge can get under the equator, causing the ball to pop in the air.
Bottom line: Within 25 feet, putts will roll better, which could give you an "edge" over other golfers.

March 29, 2010

Build Your Own Golf Shoes--in 10 Minutes

We haven't been big on customization over the Internet, but adidas Golf has changed our thinking--at least regarding golf shoes. It took less than 10 minutes to customize and order adidas Powerband 3.0 golf shoes; we could have taken a bit more time if we'd fiddled with all the design options.

Once on the mi powerband, the process is simple. You're virtually building your own shoe by determining the size of each foot; color of the famed three stripes; color for the outsole, midsole and chassis; and the type of spikes.

From checkout to home delivery, the process takes approximately three weeks.

Oh yes, the mi powerband custom process isn't cheap--about $180 for the shoes plus $20 for taxes and shipping; non-customized Powerband 3.0 golf shoes are $140 per pair.

Non-customized Powerband 3.0 golf shoes are $140 per pair available at In the Hole Golf, click on shoes below.

Adidas Powerband 3.0 Golf Shoes - Mens

March 24, 2010

20 Yards Longer? Hmmm, We'll See

Sorry, but when a club manufacturer says "GUARANTEED 20 YARDS LONGER," facial nerves fire, almost involuntarily, causing our eyes to roll. That's a very strong claim.

So here's what happened on that first hit with the Exotics XCG-3 4 wood by Tour Edge Golf. We addressed the ball and admired the look. Clean and classy clubhead. Good feel, also, very solid. OK, but looks and feel won't get you that extra 20.

Finally, a few waggles and a wholesome "whack" ...

We can report that we heard, almost from afar, a "Whoa!" and realized, as the ball screamed, the whoa was coming from within. We didn't step off the yardage, but it didn’t matter; we knew we had tagged it and the distance was longer than normal.

Since then, we've hit scores of 4-wood shots with the Exotics XCG-3, and 10-20 yards longer is a reasonable claim. It's the first fairway wood to combine a titanium cup-face and crown with a heavy tungsten sole. Extra sole weight lowers the center of gravity, resulting in welcomed forgiveness and clubhead stability.

Whatever. All we know is the thing goes 20 yards longer.

Check out the technology behind the extra 20.

March 17, 2010

When It's Good to Be Tacky in Golf

In a way, we hate to see this glove on the market. The grip is so dang good -- no matter what the conditions are -- that the glove takes out of play a very handy excuse for mishits: "Lost my grip."

It's the Cutters 019X Pro-Fit. We were sold when we felt the C-TACK performance grip material that's strategically placed on the palm, thumb and middle fingers; it's the same stuff that's on the gloves of Randy Moss and other NFL receivers who make circus catches seem almost routine. It helps reduce grip pressure, which may help generate more clubhead speed.

Even without the C-TACK, you gotta hand it to this glove; it features quality stitching, a wealth of air holes to minimize perspiration, stretch material at the knuckles and a Cabretta leather palm.

See how to build your own Cutters golf glove.

March 15, 2010

Bad Weather This Spring? Bring It On!

When you get a good rain jacket, you relax on the course. "Bring it on" is the attitude because the jacket's got you covered whatever spring may throw your way. And after looking at rows and rows of ho-hum raingear at the PGA Merchandise Show, we found one that's a humdinger.

It's the Pitch Europe stretch rain jacket, by Abacus, which was made for the 2007 and 2009 European Solheim Cup teams. The tagline for Abacus is "Count on it," which is right on for this rain jacket. It features:

  • A bright, clean, classy look. Who cares about looks in the rain? Well, you do, actually
  • Stretch fabric that's also soft; no restrictions on your swing, and no annoying nylon-on-nylon sounds
  • Zip-off sleeves, for when the weather clears a bit
  • Drawstrings at the neck and the waist, to really make the jacket snug in miserable weather
  • Mesh lining, which allows the jacket to breathe as you play and warm up
  • Taped seams, so water doesn't sneak in during a soaker
  • Zip-up side pockets and a phone pocket accessible only from inside the jacket

Check out other Abacus raingear.

March 10, 2010

Wow, Well Worth the Vacation!

In this uncertain economy, you can't afford to make mistakes on over-hyped courses on your golf vacation. If you're looking for courses and resorts that definitely deserve their accolades and hype, try these gems, which are absolutely worth the trip:

Kingsbarns, near St. Andrews, has been described as "Scotland's Answer to Pebble Beach"--and it lives up to its billing. This man-made links course has spacious fairways, contoured greens and the constant sound of waves on the rocks and beach.

Banff Springs, in Alberta, Canada, a Stanley Thompson design, is one of the world's great mountain courses. Winding along the Bow River and surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of Sulphur Mountain and Mount Rundle, Banff Springs has a spectacular view in every direction.

Chambers Bay Golf Course, set on the Puget Sound in Washington State, is a phenomenal links-golf experience designed by Robert Trent Jones II. It's the site for the 2015 U.S. Open and 2010 U.S. Amateur Championships.

Bandon Dunes Resort offers the ambiance of seaside links experiences in Ireland and Scotland. Built on a stretch of rugged Oregon coastline, the resort has three courses, with another set to open in June.

March 08, 2010

This Driver Throws Its Weight Around

Followers of Callaway Golf Company may arch an eyebrow a bit with the new Diablo Edge and Diablo Edge Tour drivers. Each uses fused titanium in a four-piece modular design that Callaway says produces the most weight-efficient titanium driver in its history. That's saying something.

The results are a more penetrating ball flight and more distance. Each part of the design is precisely formed and fused together, which allows weight to be positioned optimally. For example, more weight is in the middle of the face and less on the perimeter, which leads to considerable spring (and distance) even when the ball is mishit.

Phil Mickelson plays with the Diablo Edge Tour driver. Lefty had it in his bag last year as a prototype known as the Ft 9 Tour Authentic.

The Diablo Edge and Diablo Edge Tour each carry a suggested retail price of $299. Watch the Diablo Edge video.

March 04, 2010

Are You a Serious Golfer?

Captains of the golf industry—as brilliant as they are in making equipment—know their limitations. They ask but don't tell. That is, they don't tell you what you want; they ask for feedback before putting products on the market.

Well, Golf Datatech, L.L.C., the golf industry's leading source of information, is asking Club members—aka, SERIOUS golfers dedicated to golf and interested in its development—to participate in Web-based research projects.

Golf Datatech would like you to join its "Panel of Serious Golfers" and share your opinions with industry insiders. Your name remains strictly confidential, and the company never solicits you to purchase anything or sell your name to those who do. Golf Datatech simply wants your opinions on golf and equipment from time to time.

Please join the "Panel of Serious Golfers."

March 03, 2010

Big Buzz About 4-Wheeled Electrical Cart

The buzz is about-not from-this new four-wheeled electrical golf cart. It's the Mantys, which allows the rider to stand and steer by shifting weight from one foot to the other.

Sun Mountain Sports and Leev Mobility developed the Mantys, one of the more talked-about products of this year. Because it's on four wheels, the Mantys is easier to handle than a Segway; also, a rider is much less likely to fall forward on a Mantys than on a two-wheeled Segway.

The Mantys comes standard with turf-saver wheels, a universal bag mount, scorecard holder, ball-and-tee holder and a drink holder. The cart operates quietly with two 500-watt electric motors powered by two 24-volt Lithium-ion batteries that handle up to 36 holes on one charge.

The Mantys is the most compact electric riding cart on the market. Unfolded, the cart is 51 inches high, 28 inches wide and 55 inches tall; folded, it's only 16 inches high. The Mantys weighs less than 45 pounds and fits in a car trunk.

With a top speed of 12.5 mph, the Mantys handles 20-degree climbs and leaves no trace with turf-saver pneumatic tires.

Video review of the Mantys.

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