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I have been a life long member of the PGA Partners Club. They have exciting news about the future of the Club! They are moving in a new direction after 12 great years as partners with the PGA TOUR. Effective January 1, 2010, the Club ceased its affiliation with the TOUR and began a new partnership with GOLF Magazine.

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July 29, 2010

Avoid the 1-Iron Fix for Lightning

After lightning struck Lee Trevino at the 1975 Western Open, a reporter asked what he’d do if he were out on the course and it began to storm again. Trevino's answer: He'd take out his 1 iron and point it to the sky, "because not even God can hit the 1 iron."

That was a very good answer, but here’s a better one: Avoid this 1-iron fix by carrying on the course The Seeker Personal Lightning Detector by General Tools. It's a lightning detector that fits in your bag or pocket and gives you an early heads-up about storms and lightning as far away as 40 miles. It will even tell you if the danger is approaching, stationary or retreating.

Lightning strikes are common on golf courses, so be safe and consider this and other lightning detectors as gifts to yourself and family.

July 26, 2010

Oosthuizen's Sticks

For those gear hounds who are keen about equipment used by the pros, here's a peek at the bag of the winner of the most recent major championship.

Ping Golf announced that the new S56 irons and Tour-S Rustique wedges will be available to the public in mid-September. Louis Oosthuizen used these new clubs to win the Open Championship at St. Andrews.

Oosthuizen was one of five players to put the S56 irons in his bag at the Open and one of 15 pros to put the Tour-S Rustique wedges in play. He switched to the new clubs at the U.S. Open.

Oosthuizen used a Ping Rapture V2 driver at St. Andrews to lead the field in driving accuracy, and he finished fourth in distance as well. A specially-designed Ping Redwood Anser putter with an extra long hosel helped him tie for third in putting for the week.

July 23, 2010

How to Handle That Honey-Do List

Let's get real. Yes, golf is great--but only when you've whittled down that honey-do list. (BTW, a honey-do list applies to both men and women.) Attack that list first, and your golf round--and home life--are good. Attack that list later, like manana? Things aren’t so good. We speak from experience.

So here's how to do the honey-do list with savvy and style, and enjoy golf and life again: Sign up for the HANDY Toolbox.

HANDY Toolbox, the free e-newsletter from the Handyman Club of America, reviews tools and new products that'll improve the quality of your home-improvement tasks. And the Toolbox suggests do-it-yourself tips that'll make your projects go faster--and ensure that you don’t have to hire someone to do the job.

Translation: more time and money for golf.

July 22, 2010

Some Kind of Sole on This Wedge

At first glance, the Eidolon V-SOLE Wedge looked like just another wedge. Ho-hum. Well, we didn't look hard enough; the sole's different. And there was nothing ho-hum about how well they played (and we did, too) on the golf course.

Here's why results from these wedges were impressive:

  • The V-SOLE Technology gives the sole of each wedge a high and low bounce, which creates the V-shaped sole.
  • You can hit a bump-and-run shot off a tight lie using the low-bounce, and then open the face for a bunker or lob shot using the high-bounce. It's one wedge that helps you create two different bounce shots--with fewer worries about hitting fat or thin.
  • The V-SOLE wedges have Hi-Spin and Competition grooves that help check and control the ball on the green, even from the bunker.
Check out The SCoR Zone newsletter.

Eidolon V-Sole Wedge

July 19, 2010

Gut Check: Par 3 Is 640 Yards High

There are elevated tee boxes, and then there's the 19th Extreme Hole par 3 where you need a helicopter just to make it to the tee. This intimidating hole is 640 yards above the green with a distance of 310 yards, making it a 400-yard Par 3.

The video shows Padraig Harrington and professional golfer Raphael Jacquelin trying to hit the green. First, they ride a chopper to the tee box. Then they each tee off and watch their ball soar for what seems to be 10 seconds. Amazingly, Jacquelin was on the green and Harrington just off--from 400 yards away!

Not sure which club Harrington and Jacquelin used. Come to think of it, not sure which club we'd use. What about you?

July 14, 2010

Tom Watson May Sign Your Wedge!

The answer would be, "Wow!" After all, Tom Watson is one classy guy who's still got game, which we witnessed during the 2009 British Open. He'll tee it up tomorrow in St. Andrews, but in the interim he's made an instructional DVD thats unparalleled.

We asked Watson, after he'd hit 500 balls in the rain, why release "Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime" when there are plenty of instructional DVDs? "Because I have something to say," he replied, "and a drink tastes better after a round with some improvement."

In this comprehensive, 46-chapter DVD, one of history's best golfers breaks down the swing (see video) simplifying and instilling confidence so you finally get the games finer points. Watson is in there entirely--swinging on the course, not sitting by a fire. He speaks with authority and humility, using tips and historic footage from past greats.

We've benefited from this DVD, so it's a no-brainer to recommend "Lessons of a Lifetime." Especially now that, with purchase, you can be entered to win a Tom Watson Adams Golf sand wedge with an original Tom Watson autograph on the face.

Buy the DVD, and win the autographed wedge (maybe)!

July 12, 2010

Romano, Romo, Rush ... Got Game?

Actor Ray Romano and Dallas Cowboys' QB Tony Romo are just two examples of celebrities who love chasing the white dimpled ball. Here's an update on others:

Next up for "The Haney Project" is conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, an avowed golf fanatic. The Golf Channel show features Hank Haney coaching celebs such as Charles Barkley and Romano. The Limbaugh episodes will air next spring.

To watch celebrities playing great golf or making fools of themselves, see the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe July 13 to July 18. Among the stars competing are Michael Jordan, former U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle, Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway and Romo. Incidentally, Romo's got game. He advanced to a U.S. sectional qualifier in Woodlands, Texas, in June; he shot a 2-under 69 at a local qualifier at the Honors Club in Dallas to advance.

July 07, 2010

Penthouse to Outhouse--Like That!

Where are they now?

Golf can be cruel. Lose your swing or focus, and you can leave the penthouse for the outhouse in the blink of an eye. For example:

Casey Wittenberg. Finished 13th at the 2004 Masters, the lowest amateur finish in 41 years. Competed in 25 PGA Tour events in 2009, with one top ten.

Ty Tryon. Finished 39th at 2001 Honda Classic as amateur and then became youngest Tour member at age 16. Tryon, now a father, shot 64 in final qualifier and made the 2010 U.S. Open. Tryon shot 23-over 307 at the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, tied for 80th place and earned his first PGA Tour paycheck since 2003 ($12, 293).

Mike Donald. Lost in playoff to Hale Irwin in the 1990 U.S. Open. Resurfaced on Champions Tour and played 19 events from 2005 to 2009.

Ian Baker-Finch. Was the 1991 British Open Champion but then lost his swing and left the PGA Tour at age 35. Today, he's a CBS Sports broadcaster.

Where's George Bayer, the "original long knocker" who preceded John Daly?

July 01, 2010

Making Cents Out of Myrtle Beach

Last month was our first time to Myrtle Beach. We've wanted to play this famous golf destination -- which is hugely popular for the July 4th holiday -- but were overwhelmed by the 100-plus courses to choose from. We didn't want to do a term paper's worth of research to play some relaxing golf.

If you're like us, we can simplify your Myrtle Beach decision-making by recommending The Wizard Golf Course, one of three creative courses by Mystical Golf. This is an inviting links-style course with wide fairways, a devilish breeze and a dazzling duo of finishing holes (see photo).

It's a satiating trip to Myrtle Beach to play The Wizard and the other two completely different Mystical Golf courses designed by Dan Maples, The Witch and Man O' War. The best part: You can play all three with carts for $128.

Check out Mystical Golf's 2010 Summer 3-Play Special.

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