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June 21, 2011

Nicklaus Likes the 12-Hole Round

Some call it the Tiger Bubble. That is, as Tiger's star was rising, so was golf's. New courses were popping up all over, and newcomers kept courses busy.

But now Tiger and the game have issues. New courses, which were linked to the real estate boom, are going bust, and golf participation has declined since 2000--with another 2.2 percent drop in numbers in 2010, says the National Golf Federation. Detractors say golf takes too long and costs too much, especially for kids. Courses are too huge, too difficult and too remote.

According to this thought-provoking article, a number of fixes are being promoted--including the 12-hole round touted by Jack Nicklaus. The article adds that other fixes might be allowing players to carry more clubs, having two holes per green, creating more inexpensive clubs and clinics for kids and forcing players to play up from the shorter tees.

June 20, 2011

4 Rockin' Pro Golfers: Oh-Oh-Oh!

Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan have formed the PGA's exclusive boy band. They are all in, man, bringing their "A" game (such as it is) to this eye-opening 2:17-minute music video.

In the making of the video, Crane says he's the best singer ("It's what I was bred for."), and Mahan is swept up by the heady studio experience ("It's like being in the now--tomorrow!"). Watson admits he always wanted to be a dancer ("Singing was the easy part."), and Fowler predicts: "This will take the music world by storm!"

They can't sing--but they pull it off big time, faking it to the music by Con Bro Chill. They have a ton of fun along with the viewers. And it's for a good cause. Farmers Insurance will donate $1,000 for every 100,000 views of the video. Charitable proceeds will support both Farmers and Ben Crane charitable initiatives.

June 14, 2011

How to Befriend a Fairway Metal

We recently joked to a golf buddy that we have a new best friend.

"Who is it?" he asked.

"The name is Adams," we said. "As in Adams Golf's F11 fairway metal."

OK, a bad joke. But we're not joking when we say the F11 fairway metal (15 degrees) might be the best fairway club we've ever hit. And we're not alone. Everyone we've let hit the F11 metal wood has bombed it on the first swing--off the tee and off the deck.

The secret of the F11's success is the slots in the crown and sole of the club; they deliver more spring-like effect at impact, which leads to greater ball speed. Adams Golf has been successful the past few years with technology in drivers and fairway metals that delivers extra swing speed for greater distance. The F11 fairway metal, no doubt, is its best effort to date.

Adam's Men's Speedline F11 TI Fairway

Adams Speedline F11 Titanium Fairway Wood

June 13, 2011

Play With Donald and Howell

We love the fun of our own contests, and when we hear of another that's full of promise, we pass it along. Example:

Mizuno Golf wants you to know its JPX line through the JPX-800 Swing To Win Challenge. You can win one of 800 prizes, including the grand prize--a foursome that includes you, a guest, Luke Donald and Charles Howell III.

It's part of what we consider the new Mizuno Golf. The company's been making terrific clubs for years, especially irons such as its MP franchise. But most average players have pigeon-holed Mizuno Golf into that category of "great clubs but I'm not good enough to hit them."

That's where the JPX-800 comes in; it's in Mizuno Golf's "game improvement" category. That's not just marketing talk. Try the JPX-800 driver and irons; you'll see they're as good for average players as the MP line is for the pros.

Mizuno JPX-800 Pro Iron Set

Mizuno JPX-800 Iron Set

June 07, 2011

A Pro's 16: So Bad It's Funny

When you're stinking up a hole, at what point do you just pick up and move on to the next tee? That depends on your pain tolerance for us hackers not playing in a tournament, but what about the pros playing in a nationally televised event?

In Kevin Na's case, there was only one option: Finish it out with the worst par-4 hole in PGA Tour record books and expect to be made fun of on SportsCenter.

During the first round of the 2011 Valero Texas Open, Na was -1 going into the 9th hole. His first drive sliced so far into the woods that he took the penalty and teed off again. His second drive went to the same spot, but Na decided to hit out of the woods this time. He lost a lot of strokes in there on his way to a 16, but he kept his sense of humor.

June 06, 2011

No Instructor? No Problem

As Tiger struggles to change his swing under Sean Foley, a golf icon and some pros say they get along fine without a swing guru.

Arnold Palmer recently said, "The only instruction I had during my career was my dad looking at my swing once or twice a year."

Players without an instructor include:

Bubba Watson, whose self-made swing makes balls explode off the clubhead. Watson, averaging 311-plus yards off the tee, has won twice this year while amassing nearly $12 million in career winnings.

Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey, known for wearing two gloves instead of one, has an off-kilter swing that makes him look like some double-digit handicapper. It works though. Without a swing guru, Gainey is 29th in FedEx Cup and 32nd on the money list.

Other players with non-traditional swings who receive instruction but resist altering their less than technically perfect swing include Rickie Fowler, Jim Furyk and Rory McIlroy.

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