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I have been a life long member of the PGA Partners Club. They have exciting news about the future of the Club! They are moving in a new direction after 12 great years as partners with the PGA TOUR. Effective January 1, 2010, the Club ceased its affiliation with the TOUR and began a new partnership with GOLF Magazine.

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July 26, 2011

Ponder This: A Ping Putter App

We're usually not big fans of golf gadgets, but when one comes from Ping Golf--and it concerns putting--we'll make an exception. No company knows more about putting than Ping Golf, whose founder, Karsten Solheim, was a pioneer in putter technology.

Ping Golf's new iPing putter app is a free, wireless, go-anywhere putting-improvement tool. When you insert an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch (Fourth Generation) into the Ping-provided cradle ($30) and the cradle is attached to the putter shaft, the iPing putter app identifies your stroke type, analyzes the impact angle and measures tempo. After a series of putts, the iPing app records your consistency in each area and establishes a putting handicap; this handicap gets lower as you improve your consistency, the key to making more putts.

Normally, we view such a thing as just another techno gimmick. But because it's Ping, it's worth a look-see.


July 21, 2011

We Believe in the Unknown!

Even though Miura Golf has made quality forged irons for 44 years, the club maker was unknown to us until last year when we played the K-Grind Wedge. With its solid sound and great feel, it soon passed the point of being just a wedge; it became a money club (and a club drawing praise from instructors).

Recently, we tried Miura's new Passing Point 9003 irons. Our inherent skepticism was a puny match for these forged, cavity-back irons. Was it coincidence that during the round of our life, the PP-9003 7-iron set up an opening-hole birdie and twice the 9-iron paved the way to par? We also had to rethink distances because the 9 was zooming a good 10 yards farther than normal.

So, Mr. Katsuhiro Miura, we believe! Your elegant irons with a low center of gravity have blown by the passing point of being shiny steel tools in our bag.

July 19, 2011

Club Fitting: Get Some Hot Clubs

Tailored pants or pants off the rack? Same choice in buying clubs. Actually, there's no choice anymore; you pay plenty for new sticks, so make them fit.

We enjoyed a "three-for-one" fitting session with Hot Stix Golf because we received:

  1. Clubs perfect for us.
  2. A swing tune-up. (Golfers won't buy clubs unless they hit well, and they often won't hit well without receiving valuable swing tips.)
  3. Inspiration, evidence that with the right clubs we really can play this game.

For 10 years, HSG has used proprietary matchmaking software, state-of-the-art technology and, best of all, a highly skilled team to analyze swings. We liked that HSG wasn't there to empty our bags (and wallets); Joe Schoolmeesters said our driver and fairway woods were fine. We tested several irons and discovered that our hot sticks--meaning 10 more yards--were TaylorMade Burner irons and a Mizuno MP T-11 gap wedge.

July 18, 2011

Humor: Hats Off to the Old Guy

The nice part about golf is that, while youth is served on monstrous par 4s that used to be respectable par 5s, experience matters and often wins out in the end.

That's what seems to be in play in this funny video. A young buck is behind two tall trees but has a shot at the pin if he can lift the ball over the trees. The older guy--let's say he's the young man's father-in-law--sees the young man's dilemma and coolly assesses the situation. After a moment, the elder throws out the bait by saying: "You know, when I was your age, I'd just take my wedge and knock it right over those trees."

The young man takes the bait and says: "Yeah, that's what I was thinking."

July 07, 2011

Hitting From the Wrong Tees?

Study this chart--especially if you suspect that you'd enjoy golf more, play rounds faster and post better scores if courses weren't so bloody long.

Correction: We blame courses, but we're responsible. It's ego trumping experience when we hit from the blues and not the whites, where we should tee off for more enjoyment. To move us ahead, the PGA of America and the USGA are supporting "Tee It Forward," which began Tuesday and lasts until July 17th.

"Tee It Forward" encourages golfers to leave the ego in the car and play courses at a length that's aligned with their average driving distance. Some courses have pre-empted "Tee It Forward," shortening the courses and fudging the rules in order to make the game more fun. Check out Tierra Rejada Golf Club in Ventura County, California, which recently launched The Players Course that would be a joy to play (not to mention a boost to the ego).

I would like to add my two cents to this. I have seen more men playing from the wrong tees than I would like to say. This is a very big problem, it really affects pace of play. Gramps you don't have to play the tips just because your grandson can, or visa versa.

July 5, 2011

Equipment Affects Rules of Golf

Frank Thomas is largely unknown and yet is one of golf's most influential men. He writes rules that set the boundaries for equipment and is one of the industry's most outspoken experts.

Thomas, for 25 years the technical director of the U.S. Golf Association (USGA), has penned a new book, From Sticks and Stones. It's a comprehensive history and analysis of equipment regulations and their effects on golf. What could be a dry book is instead a terrific read; you end up understanding the facts and fiction about equipment design's impact on golf.

From Sticks and Stones provides insight into golf's ruling bodies, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and the USGA. Thomas dissects the equipment-related provisions in the Rules of Golf, explaining why they were written and what they were meant to achieve. The best part is his evaluation of how relevant these provisions remain.

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