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December 30, 2010

Driver Goes From Square to Pear

Nike Golf is one of the pioneers in "square" club head technology, but the company is going back to the more traditional pear shape with its new VR Tour driver.

This driver features a new Variable Compression Channel that increases speed at impact in more spots on the clubface (another way to say it's forgiving). The extended length of the Compression Channel and the variation in the thickness in specific locations creates more ball speed that translates to greater distance.

The pear shape allows for more weight at center-of-gravity locations and delivers a hotter launch with optimal spin for the game's best players. Nike Golf staffers Anthony Kim and Francesco Molinari have put the new VR Tour driver ($479.99) in play at the HSBC Champions and Dubai World Championship, respectively. Could Eldrick be far behind?

Nike Men's VR Pro STR8-Fit Tour Driver

Nike Victory Red Tour Driver

Nike Mens Victory Red Str8fit Tour Driver - RH Graphite

December 28, 2010

Schooling Juniors

Got a six-year-old who can already out-drive you? Think about an elite junior golf academy.

While not for everybody, these bastions of intense golf instruction often translate into a college scholarship or, for some, a professional career. Here are three of the top academies:

Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy. Students attend nearby Monteverde Academy, a college prep school. Emphasis is on high-level instruction, state-of-the-art fitness training and mental coaching.

Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy. Combining training, academics and competition, this academy has over 140 full-time students. In 2009, 94 percent of students received college golf scholarships to universities such as USC and Oklahoma State.

David Leadbetter Golf Academy. Situated on a 300-acre campus, the academy provides housing and a balance of academic instruction, world-class instruction and performance training. This training includes mental conditioning, physical conditioning, nutrition assessment and even media training delivered by expert coaches in their respective fields.

December 27, 2010

Nothing Like a Pleasing Top Line

Mizuno has consistently produced terrific irons, and the new MP-53 has the ingredients required for the MP name--from head size to playing profile to pleasing top line that shot makers crave.

What sets the MP-53 apart is its CNC milled pocket cavity that allows for redistribution of 14 grams of weight. This weight is positioned around the cavity, which makes for the largest sweet spot ever in an MP iron. At the end of the day, this means that a player who might not have had the skill to hit an MP iron in the past can now do it with the MP-53.

In addition, the MP-53 ($999) was designed through use of Modal Analysis and Harmonic Impact Technology, which Mizuno says "perfectly tunes" the impact sound; this helps deliver the ultimate in feel. And there's nothing that sounds better than a perfectly tuned Mizuno iron.

Mizuno Men's MP-53 Project X Irons - (Steel) 3-PW

Mizuno MP-53 Iron Set

December 22, 2010

What's the Fastest Ball on Earth?

If the book Guinness World Records says that the fastest ball on earth is the jai alai pelota, traveling at 188 mph, how does that compare to the driven golf ball?

To find out, we watched an episode of "Sports Science--Fastest Balls on Earth". Scientists chose Five-Time World Drive Champion Jason Zuback to attempt to break the record with one of his bazooka drives.

Zuback hit golf balls into panes of tempered glass that would shatter only if struck by a ball moving at 100 mph or more. Scientists determined that to shatter two panes placed one in front of the other, the ball from Zuback's drive would have to exceed 200 mph--and therefore break the world record.

Very few golfers will get close to Zuback's driving power, but Zuback represents the golf world.

December 20, 2010

Towel Cleans More Than Your Balls

When first looking at this golf towel, we wondered: "What makes it so special? How is this better than any other towel?" Well, after using the Club Glove Microfiber Caddy Towel, we were pleasantly surprised. Here's what we liked:

  • Waffle texture. Often this texture feels rough, but this microfiber fabric gives a soft and gentle feel, and microfiber has the ability to hold 300 percent of its weight in water.
  • Elongated center slit. Each 17- x 40-inch pro tour-size microfiber golf towel has a large slit in the center, which is for fitting over any club head.
  • Cleans everything. It doesn't matter whether you're getting dirt off golf balls or removing suntan lotion so you can firmly grip your clubs, the microfiber soaks it up.
Variety of colors. Gray, oat, blue-steel, green, clay, white and royal.

Club Glove Micro Fiber Golf Towel

Club Glove Microfiber Golf Towel

December 16, 2010

Rifle, Putter and Ho, Ho, Holed!

Santa is a small businessman, so he'll appreciate this:

Sometimes in golf--perhaps more often than you think--a smaller company has the best ideas. With its RifleScope Technology, the SeeMore putter company is a good example. Black Satin Si4 with the RST2 technology in a classic hosel-style blade putter.

The RST2 alignment system is on the top of the hosel, where two white lines are milled parallel to the face of the putter, creating a "gun-sight" effect.

This effect makes you get your eyes over the top of the putter; you're square to the intended target line when the white lines are visible and SeeMore's signature red dot is hidden.

The Si4 ($180) also features a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) face insert for a softer feel and a slightly lower rebound, which some players prefer.

Watch the video

other SeeMore putters:

SeeMore Si 2 Black Blade Putter

SeeMore FGP 303 Black Blade Putter

December 14, 2010

Swing in Your Christmas Pajamas

You've practiced at driving ranges, golf domes and pro shops with golf simulators, but what about at home by the Christmas tree? Well, with Optishot, that's possible.

Once you install Optishot's software into your computer and set up your swing station on Christmas morn, you'll find these features:

  • Swing sensors. Each Optical Swing Pad has two lines of advanced optical sensors. When your club crosses the lines, the sensors come up with a swing analysis.
  • Swing analysis. After each swing, Optishot displays your clubhead speed, face angle, swing path, distance, swing tempo and the location on the face where you struck the ball.
  • Play courses with friends. Up to four players can compete on eight different courses, including The Golf Club Scottsdale and Long Island Black.

Dancin' Dogg OptiShot Golf Simulator

December 13, 2010

5 Florida Gems to Play

It's time. Once temperatures dip up north, snowbirds flock to Florida's sun and courses that are always green. While Doral, Sawgrass and other major resorts attract those who yearn for PGA Tour tournament tracks, here are five other must-play gems:

New Course at Grand Cypress Resort (Orlando). Excellent St. Andrews replica course with stone bridges and walls, a snaking burn, double greens and a starter's hut overlooking the first green.

Dye Course at PGA Village (Port St. Lucie). Links-style course that weaves through wetlands. Provides a pure Florida experience.

Camp Creek Golf Club (Panama City). Spectacular Tom Fazio design with no homes on the course and distant views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Waldorf-Astoria Golf Club (Orlando). Rees Jones design (a year old) that has become one of 0-town's best resort layouts.

Naples Grande Golf Club (Naples). Peppered with pine hammocks, live oak and cypress trees, it's one of Florida's best maintained courses.(I give this a two thumbs up, and it is just around the corner from me. Jo Anne)

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December 09, 2010

Hitting out of a Spaghetti Lie

It's the rule: You must hit the ball as it lies. But what about hitting out of popcorn? Or Jell-O?

To find out, watch these episodes of "Sports Science--the Worst Lie". In them, PGA Tour player Brad Faxon takes on the worst lies in golf, on and off the course.

Sports Science warmed up Faxon by having him hit from familiar places, as in thick rough, sand and water. No problem. Each time Faxon got the ball out of the lie cleanly.

Then Sports Science, and Faxon, had some fun. Sports Science challenged him to hit in lies not found on a golf course, like in popcorn, Jell-O and spaghetti. The muck messed up Faxon's swing and his pants, and there is some instructional value in watching the club move the ball without touching it. But this is mostly entertainment as he struggles to get out of yucky lies.

December 07, 2010

Ho-Hosanna! Half-Priced Hybrids

Golfers can get a little grumpy this time of year; golf courses are either snow-covered or there's precious little daylight for play. Well, here's how to put some ho-ho back in your holiday season: Be Santa to yourself and get a humdinger of a hybrid for almost half price.

The Bobby Jones Classic Hybrid by Jesse Ortiz is the humdinger hybrid in question. This has always been known as a classy club with a well-thought-out design. The unique keel-like sole distinguishes this hybrid from the rest, making it your go-to club for long approach shots from the rough. BTW, for an excellent explanation of how hybrids should be constructed, check out Ortiz in this video.

OK, back to the ho-ho. The Classic Hybrids by Jesse Ortiz were once $149.95. Well, until December 31st, Bobby Jones Golf is offering these hybrids (H1 through H6) for $79.95.

December 02, 2010

Before Buying, Know Swing Speed

A box of golf balls is an easy-to-wrap, sure-hit gift. But before giving Bridgestone Golf's new generation of B330 golf balls, ask the recipient one question: What's your swing speed?

Bridgestone says the 2011 versions of the Tour B330 and Tour B330-S offer high swing-speed players more distance off the tee along with spin and feel around the greens.

Key point: These balls are optimized for swing speeds greater than 105 mph, meaning the new Tour B330 line isn't for every player. Too many times average players--and those with slower swing speeds--use equipment that they can't maximize, and then they throw up their hands and decide the equipment doesn't work.

If you know your gift is for someone with a swing speed slower than 105 mph, buy the Bridgestone B330-RX golf ball, which is designed for slower swing speeds.

Free Online Golf Ball Fitting at!

Bridgestone B330-S Golf Balls - 12 Pack (Personalized)

Tour B330.S Golf Balls - Logo Overruns

Tour B330.S Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2011 Tour B330-S

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