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August 02, 2012

Golf Joke: An Ethics Question

Remember when Kevin Na took a 16 during the first round of the 2011 Valero Texas Open (see video)? He spent a lot of time in the woods looking for his ball. Well, imagine yourself also in the woods, but you're playing in the club championship.

The match is all square after 17 holes. You hit your ball to the middle of the 18th fairway, leaving a 6 iron to the pin. Your opponent, like Na, hits his tee shot deep into the woods. Being the golfing gentleman that you are, you help look for his ball. Just before the permitted 5-minute search period ends, your opponent says: "Go ahead and hit your second shot. If I don't find it in time, I'll concede the match."

You hit and your ball stops 10 ft. from the pin. About the time your ball comes to rest, your opponent shouts from the woods: "I found it!" You hear a club strike a ball, and the ball sails out of the woods and lands on the green -- stopping 6 in. from the hole!

The ethical dilemma: Do you pull the cheating S.O.B.'s ball out of your pocket and confront him, or do you keep your mouth shut?

August 06, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Catches Golf Ball

We have heard of many interesting yet pointless Guinness World Records, but what about someone breaking the record for the farthest golf shot caught in a moving car? Check this out: A golfer hits a drive at the same time that a car speeds by, with the idea that the driver is supposed to catch the ball mid-air in the convertible.

To accomplish this record, Formula 1 tes-driver legend David Coulthard is driving a new Mercedes-Benz SLS that will act as a catcher's mitt; pro golfer Jake Shepherd is teeing off.

Ok, this record is as pointless as the rest of the Guinness World Records, and the people involved probably have way too much time on their hands. But there's a compelling reason why more than 2.2 million viewers have watched this quirky clip.

August 07, 2012

Hawk Talk: Ban the Broomstick

Golf Channel analyst John Hawkins writes for Partner Advice.

Three of the last four major champions -- including Keegan Bradley (pictured), who defends his PGA Championship this week at Kiawah Island, South Carolina -- have relied on long putters to claim their titles. This has prompted Chicken Little outcry from anyone who can hole a four-footer without anchoring the club against his or her body.

Golf's ban-the-broomstick brigade is now the central component to the hottest equipment story in years. Should stabilizing the putter to ensure a quality stroke be ruled illegal? The R&A and USGA are seriously considering such a measure.

On this issue, Chicken Little has a valid point. Putting is a test of nerves, touch and technique, all of which are greatly diminished if one's hands and arms aren't required to move freely. Many long putters are about the same length as a crutch, which is exactly what they have become -- reviving dormant careers and affecting the outcome of golf's biggest events.

Until the governing bodies step up and put a new spin on the term, "anchors away," the sky is indeed falling. Perhaps there is sunshine on the horizon.

August 15, 2012

Yippee, You're Yips-Free!

What part of your anatomy would you give to make your yips yesterday's news? It's like you're mellow and money off the tee and from the fairway, but on the green, you're worse than Don Knotts at the podium. You quiver and shake just thinking about what's next, and your 4-ft. birdie putt shoots 6 ft. past the hole. Bogey, for sure.

You may not have the yips, but you've probably shaken your head at the strokes lost because your hands are too "happy," too flippy. These putter problems can knock you out of a round, but we've found -- firsthand -- a heavyweight solution at a price that floors us: Boccieri Heavy Golf Putters

Boccieri putters have a heavier mass head and counter-balanced weight in the grip end of the shaft. This engages the body's larger, more stable muscles -- your wrists are passive -- to promote greater stability, consistency and control. The Heavy Putters have been used in victories on the PGA, European,, Champions, Asian, Canadian and European Challenge Tours.

The cool thing is Boccieri is offering its putters at a great price of $119.99 to Partner Advice readers who order and use the code GPSG. This limited-time offer -- plus free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee -- says that Boccieri wants you bad. Heck, with purchase, they'll even throw in the new Secret Grip -- two of the grips -- named one of the "Top Products from the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show" by GOLF Magazine and Golf Digest. The grip's heavier weight raises the club's balance point, promoting better body mechanics and improved ball striking. Recent independent launch-monitor testing on players of all skill levels showed that more than 95 percent experienced better results with the Secret Grip than with traditional grips.

August 23, 2012

Flexibility Is X-Factor for Power

The typical long drivers like Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson are usually tall and generate huge power because of their size. And yet, shorter golfers like Rory McIlroy drive the ball very well, so we wanted to find out how they do it without having a size advantage.

We studied Jamie Sadlowski, the 5'11", 168-pound long drive champion. This video shows that flexibility is his biggest advantage. Sadlowski's flexibility relates to torque in the core and shoulders that makes an X-factor at the top of his swing, which generates a ton of power.

Another Sadlowski secret to his flexibility and incredible driving distance: He's a hockey player.

All in all, it's not a stretch to say that as you become more flexible, you'll become more powerful swinging the golf club.

August 28, 2012

You Won't Slice the Ball This TIME

Since every golfer with a slice wants to hit the ball straight, there's always some new-and-fancy piece of golf equipment to help them cure their slice. What if none of this special equipment is required? What if all you need is a simple wristwatch?

Golf instructor Nancy Quarcelino explains that at three key points in your swing the face of the wristwatch is supposed to be visible to you or hidden, which will determine if the ball will slice or go straight. For example, in the setup, the watch face should be visible; when it is, it shows that your grip is strong, which keeps the blade from opening and the ball from slicing.

Slicers, try this wristwatch tip the next time you practice or play. You'll hit straighter shots, and you'll always know the time.

August 30, 2012

Thumbs Up: Adams Adjustable Driver

Steve Pike covers golf equipment for Partner Advice.

It's hard to top the Adams Golf Speedline F12 driver, but I think the company has done so with the Speedline Tech driver with FASTfit adjustability. FASTfit allows you to set the club open or closed by up to one degree, thereby adjusting the loft plus or minus one degree as well. The club head can also be adjusted two degrees upright.

The Speedline Tech driver (MSRP $449.99) is the sixth generation of the aerodynamic Speedline design. This design features improved slopes, curves and size to help the club cut through the air faster, which translates to increased club head speed and distance. The design works, too; I can feel the club head and the increase in swing speed almost immediately, and my drives are long. The Speedline Tech also sets up nicely and is extremely forgiving.

Adams Men's Speedline Tech Driver

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