Golf Journals for the Journey

Golf journals are a record of the events in our game. A journal can be a log of prayers, a recording of conversations with God. Journals are an important tool for mental soundness. They are an important tool to keep us focused on the bigger picture.

I have found putting my thoughts on paper very useful to my game. My ledgers account my spiritual quest during the past 35 years.

This is a spiritual journey. We want to use every tool available to us on this “Fairway less Traveled”.

Diaries never seemed important to me as an adolescent. Putting pen to paper terrified me, fear of Sister Floretta grading me on penmanship kept me from writing freely. It wasn’t until I was stationed at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS, did I find it necessary to put my ramblings down.

The attempts of journalizing were feeble at best. Writing silly little ditties of so called “poetry” was based on the irony of what I observed around me. It was rather fun and I still have those poems stashed away somewhere.

Journalizing took on a different texture over the following years. There was allot of ranting and the dominate theme was self-pity.

"I think something finally clicked in my head last night. I don't feel so crazy inside. I'm not exactly a model of stability, but I have a toehold on reality after days of floating anxiety. Whatever is supposed to be so spiritual about disorientation, I just don't get it. I don't like it. Nobody told me feeling nuts was part of the quest."

Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest(1990)


As the 12 Steps became a part of my life, writing too began to change. There was a purpose for the paper and the pen. Finding how it helped clear the mind of all the “trivial pursuits” the brain enjoys exploring, is the best way to explain it. The brain’s agitations disappear. The need to be extremely verbal no longer exists.

Our writing began with our inventories. We discovered how our shortcomings affected our relationships.

We continue to write for continued inventories and chart our progress.

"Lord, teach me the fundamentals of my faith. If I have picked up bad habits which keep me from being effective, help me to be receptive to good coaching.I depend on You to teach me, guide me, and help me to remember the basic principles and power of Your Love. I pray that the fundamentals of my faith will be a natural and effortless part of my life and service to You."

The Golfer's Tee Time Devotional


There are no strict rules to journalizing. It is your story, your book. Sister Floretta isn’t going to come around to grade your penmanship nor your content. There is no right or wrong way, your golf journal records your journey and it is all up to you. Let it just flow out, for God’s sake.

Forget about punctuation. All of that will return when you get the hang of writing again. You may even discover that grammar will improve along with the sentence structure. Golf will become more interesting.

If punctuation and grammar and of course spelling is on your short list of skills don’t worry, no one will give you a grade for this master piece. Most of us never studied journalism or creative writing in college. We are not talking about “War and Peace” nor “The Wall Street Journal” here.

"Putting is like wisdom--partly a natural gift and partly the accumulation of experience".

Arnold Palmer


Keeping a golf journal began by accident in 1997. I was browsing the book section at the local golf store when I saw the book “Arnold Palmers Golf Academy, Golf Journal”, well Arnie being my all time golfer, I picked it up and bought it. It had some tips and areas for scoring a game to see round performance but it also had pages devoted to recording the golfers thoughts and journey.

We Golfers love to rehash our games as anyone loves to replay their hits and misses. We get into the clubhouse and we go hole by hole and shot by shot of the game. Our golf round needs to be recorded in a journal not just rehashed in the clubhouse.

As we begin to discover what the game can really mean in our lives it is important to write how those great shots and near ones came about. A journal helps us learn about our game and ourselves. When we take lessons it is important to record what we are learning and how we perceive those lessons so we can fit them into our routines.

We can log how we have been progressing and how we approach our shots with our new mental attitude. We record those negative thoughts that have created issues for us during our round. We will see how certain personalities disrupt our discipline, and then figure out what it is we can do so they are of little significance (we will want to converse with God in this matter).

We can ask those questions that have hounded us and just kept rumbling around in our minds for years. Get these things out and down on paper. Journalizing clears our minds, it rids us from the constant mulling over and over again those things we constantly use against ourselves and others.

"I feel happy to be keeping a journal again. I've missed it, missed naming things as they appear, missed the half hour when I push all duties aside and savor the experience of being alive in this beautiful place".

Mary Sarton

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