Golf Boldly is a mantra I have used to help my fellow golfers to get over themselves.

You have read my analysis of successful golf in Fearless Golf. I cannot stress this enough. When we become timid about a shot we freeze and then what happens, we flub it. We want to see the shot before we strike the ball, we want to be on the green before we strike the ball. It is rather funny what we can do to ourselves.

Repeating the "Golf Boldly" mantra is important to having brought down my handicap by 4 strokes over this past Summer. I tested this theory during the Summer league I participate in. There were plenty of distractions and every week there was a new course (it was a traveling woman's league, with very diverse ladies). I must say it was a challenge, and my scores never really held my handicap up. Needless to say I was rather embarrassed.

I was not holding true to my mantra, not even telling myself to golf fearlessly nor courageously. I needed something to concentrate my attention on the tasks before me. I have the physical abilities, but I fell into the same old trap of lack of confidence. I was very distracted, to say the least.

Did I need a talisman? Was I to wear some "good luck" charm to help me in my golf game. There are many golfers who are superstitious. I have worked many a year to avoid superstitions, whether that is good or bad I do not know.

What I came up with was a bead loomed bracelet with the words "Golf Boldly" woven in green (see picture below).

I have developed these for other fairway travelers to assist them on their trek to the green. My wearing this bracelet helps me to remind my partners to golf courageously during our casual times out on the course, where we have casual lessons for my higher handicapped friends.

I am making them available to my loyal followers for themselves or as gifts.

The bracelets are a standard 7 and 1/2 inches in length and 3/4 inch wide.

When ordering please understand that the lead time is 4 days before shipment. The bracelets only come in green lettering.

The price of $12.85 (including s/h) is good until February 15, 2012.


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