Twelve Steps to Reclaim a Nation’s Soul

In Twelve Steps to Reclaim a Nation’s Soul, a manual for all elected officials, I have set out a set of principles that may save us from the fate of past societies and cultures. It is imperative that governing bodies surrender to the truth of their addiction to power, and proceed with sense and a historical perspective on the things that destroyed other nations and cultures and societies. We are on a self destructive path, and we need to stop and regain the true and real nature of what a governing body should possess.

The 12 Step principles as I have stated numerous times is a solution for a suffering world. This may look political in nature, it is actually a study in the psychology of the politician. These elected officials can and will empower themselves and enslave others.

My mission and my purpose is to be found in the 12th step,…tried to carry this message to others and practice these principles in all my affairs.

This program of recovery is a way of life, not a one time crash diet.
Going beyond golf and venturing past the green, as I have explained. Golf is to discover ourselves, and we must see how these defects affect all areas of our lives. The 12 steps to recovery are used in all forms of addictive behavior.

Twelve Steps to Reclaim a Nation’s Soul is designed for the elected official all over the world.

None of us are immune from politics. We can try to run away or bury our heads in the sand. We all are a product of those who govern us. Our right to liberty and freedom and our pursuit of happiness is all contingent on those we elect and how their defects affect legislation.

There are plenty of books written about the problems, and they are great.

It is time to have solutions to end the suffering and unhappiness and lack of economic freedom that we are all becoming victims to.

It is time to take our countries back. Nothing will be resolved and we all will live with either a despot ruling over us or the soft benevolent tyrants being our master. Either way we are enslaved.

Join us on our quest to rid the world of the addicted politicians, who have made our lives unbearable. They have been chipping away at our freedoms. It is time to set the world upright again.

Twelve Steps to Reclaim a Nation's Soul

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12 Step to Reclaim a Nation's Soul

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