SIMPLE STATS a Golf Journal

Simple Stats helps you know your strengths and your weaknesses. Not only do professionals need to do this but so should you.

Here is an easy way to keep track of your game's progression

If you take your game seriously, but not to the point where you get confused, this little improved tool will help.

I have combined the best of the game tracking tools I have used over the years and thrown out some of the stats that really didn't prove relevant to me.

"Recording and tracking your golf stats is important to improve your game through statistical analysis.

Within my calendar I noted when I practiced or played. I keep notes of what the weather was and how I felt about the game. It might have been one word but it helped me know just what the conditions were at that time. If you feel you want to keep a complete journal with all conditions of how you swing during your play is up to you, but I felt it was to bothersome to think of too many things while trying to play a round of golf. The time to do these things would be on the practice range so you can find out just how your swing reacts to your stance and swing plane.

Keeping track of these things when you first start to play golf can help you improve much faster. You can also note how you feel such as no aches or pains or just how the weather effected your shots. We all can't have a perfect day to play this game so enjoy whatever the day gives you and make it pay to your advantage.

Golf can be as complicated as you want to make it or as free and easy so you can enjoy this game for years to come. It is the challenges you give yourself to improve as golf is a one person game and it is all up to you how good you want to be." Letta Meinen, BellaOnline's Golf Editor (not an endorsement for Simple Golf Stats Journal)

I have developed Simple Stats for those who would like to easily keep track of their game progress, simple and easy.

The Starter Pack has 15 "score" cards to record you score and stats in a waterproof vinyl pouch (velcro closure) for your golf bag, included are the "Golf Rules in Brief" and "Care for the Course and Etiquette Tips" from the USGA (two booklets I always keep handy). There is also "The Simple Stats Tracker Log" to see your progress at a glance, and your averages for the season.

Each card, when folded, is 3 inches by 5 1/2 inches to easily slip in you back pocket. There is an area to record your "Game Notes" for the front and back nines. You can use the "Game Notes" to record what you are learning at a playing lesson. You can record the distances of exceptional shots with certain clubs.

Simple Stats makes it easy to record and track your golf scores and statistics.

I am making this available to the public after field testing in Naples with golfers who never have kept track of their stats before and with those who have. Their acceptance has prompted me to go forward with Simple Stats to help golfers enjoy their game even more.

You can purchase Simple Stats Starter pack (15 cards with tracker log, USGA booklets in the waterproof pouch) or the Refill Pack (15 cards with the tracker log).

I would like to over state the words of Letta Meinen, BellaOnline's Golf Editor:

"Recording and tracking your golf stats is important to improve your game through statistical analysis."

I must say that keeping track of the stats beats going out there never knowing where your strengths or weaknesses are. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE YOU CAN'T GET TO WHERE YOU ARE GOING!


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