A New and Improved Golf Stroke Counter

The Count on It Stroke Counter

Count on It, a new golf stroke counter, is an attractive and discrete way to keep score, and adds style to your golf glove.

No longer will you have beads dangling from your belt, or pinching your wrist. You don't have to remember how many beads to pull if they are hanging from your bag.

Count on It, golf stroke keeper, is becoming the hottest golf accessory on the course.

Each Count on It (patent pending) is handcrafted in Naples, Fl, using the finest crystal glass beads imported from Czechoslovakia.

An original creation and design by 12 Step Golf.

Be the first at your golf course to wear this innovative golf stroke counter.

How does it work?

Stretch the Count on It over the flap of your glove, snuggle it up against the seam and when you take a stroke you slide a bead. At the end of the hole just count the beads, record your score and go off to the next hole. You will not have to think twice about counting your strokes or that penalty.

It is also a great way to keep track of your competitors strokes during a club event.

When your glove wears out, you won't have to throw the counter out. Just toss out the old glove, and put the Count on It on your new glove.

What Others Say:

"Love It! Now I can focus on short game, not strokes! Thank you!" Sandra

"Just adorable! Easy to use, no one will know you cant count!!! great golf gift!! These counters are really great! They are well made, you will love them! I really like the counter! I have used it twice and it is great. Not so obvious as the bit string of beads and also it is very pretty on my glove. I belong to 3 different ladies groups, and will show it around!" Buyer: cmassier

I got the bead counter the other day and used it today! Fantastic! I'm the kind of golfer that agonizes over the stroke count and that ocd-type focus takes my mind off the task of actually golfing. The counter (it looks great btw, Thank You!) takes that anxiety out of the picture. I actually enjoy golfing more and can focus on the shot and strategy. I figure it took 4 strokes off right away for me. AND I had more fun. I can't thank you enough! You've got a great product and to know it actually helps golfers enjoy golf (is that possible?!) is just awesome. Next stop...World Peace! ;) Many Thanks, your customer, Tom. PS, thanks for the tees!

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Add this discrete method of keeping track of strokes to your glove today.

Ideal for high school golf teams

Available in a standard #8 (most popular)or #10 (new this season) bead golf stroke counter.

Fits all standard glove flaps except Precept.

Count on It comes in a variety of colors, and is individually packaged with instructions.

  • Blues
  • Browns
  • Greens
  • Lavenders
  • Rainbow (#10 only)
  • Reds (#8 only)

Choose your color preference below:

Count on It Golf Stroke Counter

$7.95 USD free shipping USA (Florida Sales Tax of 6% may apply).

Color and Sizes

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Guys like them too!

Count on it now available in a "manly" counter: Only available in a #8 in metal and brown giving it a masculine look. Nice and discrete, Price: $8.25 free shipping USA

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