When I decided to write this page, I doubted whether anyone needed another daily devotional to add to the thousands that are available and in use today. I heard that still small voice, and am directed to add to the devotional listings. Along with daily golf tips, we also need direction for our souls. To ponder and meditate on things spiritual, will heal us and point us in the direction of spirit.

The difference will be that this is not a “daily” writing, I have found through my years of working these steps that working on one thing for a week rather than something different everyday, helped me understand and internalize the message, and this in turn produced better results. We have enough clutter distracting us, and if I read something today and go my merry way, the prayer and the meditation is only good for a day. We must be fed for a life time, and that comes from practicing these principles, which lead us to live these principles.

We seek peace of mind in all our affairs not just on the golf course. I stated that the 12 Steps is the road map to a happier and more joyous way of life, golf is the vehicle. We are dealing with more than just golf, and I do not want to limit anyone who is not a golfer to be dissuaded from pursuing this 12 Step program, for it is a way of life for everyone. I am hoping that the non-golfer will also be inclined to pursue these steps and integrate them into their life and find the promises for themselves.

These prayers and meditations will be from my own journals or from someone‘s question during any given week. We have discussed the importance of journalizing and hopefully many of you are now writing.

I hope that my take on recovery and healing will help in the pursuit of any self help program one may find themselves. To see things differently and shed some light on what others may be saying.


In order to make someone else happy or convince myself that someday my life would, as if by magic, get better, I have many times put my life on hold. I know now that this doesn't work.

The magic never comes, and I am waiting and hoping for happiness that is never going to come.

I am worthy of being happy, of having people love me the way I want to be loved, and of making my own choices about what happens to me.


(Time to Break Free....Judith R. Smith, Hazleden Press)


There is a divine plan of good at work in my life. I will let go and let it unfold.....Ruth P. Freedman

We are never certain of the full importance or the eventual impact of any one event in our lives. One thing we can be sure is that each experience offers something valuable to our overall growth. Our past is influencing our present and our present will influence our future.

It isn't easy remembering nor trusting that life is a process and promises good or that our lives have design.

We can learn and we shall discover freedom. Letting go of outcomes is important. Life could be so much easier if we could concern ourselves with our work and leave the outcome in the hands of God.



I will know a new freedom when I let go and trust that "my life" is unfolding as it must. I will do my part, and no more.
inspiration from "Each Day a New Beginning"


What other people may find in poetry, I find in the flight of good drive.....Arnold Palmer

There will be times or may have experienced, great moments of spirituality during your round of golf.

These moments with your relationship with God are special and significant times. They make you know how close God really is to you. There seems to be something supernatural and that you will never be the same.

Cherish these moments. These may be turning points in your spiritual growth.



As I consider the things You have done in my life, I am reminded of how faithful You are. When I recall all that you have done for me, I have confidence for what lies ahead.

Today, help me to start building a new sense of well being for tomorrow. The Golfer's Tee Time Devotional


Spiritual power can be seen in a person's reverence for life-theirs and all others, including animals and nature, with a recognition of a universal life force referred to by many of us as God.....Virginia Satir

When out on the course. it is easy to see the grandeur of nature, just looking up to the sky or hearing the sounds of nature. We can recognize there is a spiritual connection with us and our Higher Power. If golf has not made us humble the very fact that we are but a speck in this infinite Universe should.

We can give thanks for our opportunity to experience this spiritual time and use it to see our Higher Power as the giver of all things. We need not see this time with impatience or intolerance. We can enjoy this time and absorb what has been given. Letting go of the foursome in front of us and praying for the one behind us can put it all into perspective.



I pray that I may learn tolerance and patience and a reverence for your creation. I can begin today and I shall look for You everywhere I am lead down this fairway of life.


Most people can manifest the small things quickly. This is because they do not have any resistance around the small things, and because they don't think thoughts that contradict them. When it comes to the bigger things, however, people often emit thoughts of doubt or worry that contradict those bigger things. This is the only difference in terms of the time it takes for something to manifest.........Rhonda Byrne, The Secret Daily Teachings

It is easy when there really isn't attachment to outcomes. When we are desirous of something and we are emotionally attached to the results, we find ourselves drifting back to "our old ideas". Those negative thoughts creep in and we think ourselves foolish for believing that the Universe could give a hoot about our puny little selves.

We begin the doubt and fear creating a confusion for the Universe. The Universe can only react with confusion. We must clear ourselves of our old attitudes and mistaken thoughts and persevere forward.

We are worthy to live happily. We need not be lost and forlorn. Our methods of the past didn't work, it is time to change our thinking and change our world.



I ask for the strength to see the truth, to leave the lies of the past in the past and know that I am loved and worthy of all good things the Universe wants to bestow on me. Nothing is big or small for the Universe.


He who ignores discipline comes poverty and shame, but whosoever heeds correction is honored".....Proverbs 13:18

We have a tendency today to live very sloppy lives. We give into the whims of the trivial and frivolity of what the media deems important. This is avoidance of life. We put our souls in jeopardy and into a death spirial.

To not do those things that harm us, takes discipline, an awareness and a conscious effort the heal ourselves.

The denial of soul sickness is rooted in fear. Many fear the peer pressure to conform to a lower standard and not make the effort to awaken to our true selves.

Letting go of our old ideas isn't easy. The fear of loosing these so called friends and being "alone" makes us cling to the discomfort of being less than who we are meant to be.

If we are willing to take the first step, we can begin to heal. We begin to heal and there becomes a glimmer of the happiness that awaits us.



I ask for the power to do two good things that are contrary to how I have given in to the lies others have told me about myself




Today I lay down every area in my life where I have fooled myself that I am not good enough, not being secure in who I am. Father, I allow Christ’s shed blood to cover that insecurity. I speak to that insecurity within me and say to every anchor of insecurity, “you must leave in Jesus Name. You are not welcome here.” I welcome the Holy Spirit to live within me to a depth which floods my every insecurity with Peace. I am secure knowing I have nothing to prove to anyone in this world. Thank you Jesus!
Mikki at Complete Joy


When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself"......Wayne Dyer

It can be so easy to criticize others, we do it so automatically. Judging others without having walked 3 steps in their shows give us a superiority that hinders our growth.

It is said "judge not, lest ye be judged" and "how can you tell your sister or brother to take the splinter from their eye when you have a log in yours"........yet we can hide behind the judging of others to hide our own defects.

We usually are projecting our defects on others because we are blind to them in ourselves. We need to take a daily inventory to relieve these judgments of others. We must become willing to let God remove these defects, and ask God to remove them.

No one said it will be easy, but the benefits are plenty. No more rumor mongering nor petty gossip. We will no longer need to dwell on others to avoid our own shame.



Grant me the strength to become aware of my own defects and the courage to have you remove them, so I can live free from judging others.

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