When I decided to write this page, I doubted whether anyone needed another daily devotional to add to the thousands that are available and in use today. I heard that still small voice, and am directed to add to the devotional listings. Along with daily golf tips, we also need direction for our souls. To ponder and meditate on things spiritual, will heal us and point us in the direction of spirit.

The difference will be that this is not a “daily” writing, I have found through my years of working these steps that working on one thing for a week rather than something different everyday, helped me understand and internalize the message, and this in turn produced better results. We have enough clutter distracting us, and if I read something today and go my merry way, the prayer and the meditation is only good for a day. We must be fed for a life time, and that comes from practicing these principles, which lead us to live these principles.

We seek peace of mind in all our affairs not just on the golf course. I stated that the 12 Steps is the road map to a happier and more joyous way of life, golf is the vehicle. We are dealing with more than just golf, and I do not want to limit anyone who is not a golfer to be dissuaded from pursuing this 12 Step program, for it is a way of life for everyone. I am hoping that the non-golfer will also be inclined to pursue these steps and integrate them into their life and find the promises for themselves.

These prayers and meditations will be from my own journals or from someone‘s question during any given week. We have discussed the importance of journalizing and hopefully many of you are now writing.

I hope that my take on recovery and healing will help in the pursuit of any self help program one may find themselves. To see things differently and shed some light on what others may be saying.


"No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently".....Agnes DeMille

We have many choices in our day....some may be major life changing decisions, most will be less profound. Some choices can lead us astray and we ill have to back track our steps, but this is a temporary delay on our journey.

We are not always made aware of the decisions we have made have impacted our lives until much later.

We can give ourselves the opportunity to make the right choice which will contribute to the broader picture of our lives.



I will be aware today that life offers many choices...I pray to stop and listen and then act. I will not be a slave to acting on my emotions, but will be rational in an irrational world.


"It seems to me that I have always been waiting for something better.....searching for that illusive state of mind called peace"......Yours Truly

We know that without gratitude there can be not peace or joy. The problem with waiting or searching is we miss the present moment. There is joy right here in our hands. Living one moment at a time affords us the opportunity to become aware of this absolute.

Living one day at a time helps us appreciate what today has to offer, and it is a full time job. Today I can see what needs to be done and not project onto it next weeks problems.



Today my case load is light, may I extend my hand to be there for those whose hears are heavy. may I be able to lift them to find their gratitude.


"Follow your dream....take one step at a time and don't settle for less, just continue to climb"......Amanda Bradley

How often are we inspired to new heights? We can sit and wish for something to change and in turn be angry for not attaining change. It is up to us to identify a spirit-filled dream instead of just wishing our lives away.

We may get frustrated when we can't realize our dreams. We forget that life is a process of taking the steps ourselves to have those dreams "come true". Wishing will not make it happen.

Success only comes inch by inch, stroke by stroke, step by step.



I do understand that my dreams are meant to guide me. I will take a step forward, making the dreams a reality.


"Everyday, life confronts us with new problems to be solved which force us to adjust our old programs accoringly".....Dr. Ann Faraday

I am supposed to live one day at a time, sometimes this is difficult to do. Many days can make us feel like hiding under the covers. I can make the problem magnified when I revert to being a 10 year old stomping my feet and saying no I can't do this or that.

I can "act at if" I am a mature adult until I become in touch with the reality that I am able to handle all things. Through working the steps I have grown from that child who was terrified of everything, when I wanted to run under the bed and hide from life. Becoming invisible was a great solution to the everyday complications I made of my life.

Today I can face life on life's terms, as much as I prefer not to. I must grow even wiser so I can become the women/man I want to be. I do not want to hide in the shadows of life.



You didn't bring me this far just to watch me fall. I will listen to the inner voice you have gifted me with and move forward to become stronger and more confident


"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others"......Cicero

It is said that gratitude should be my attitude. Being grateful is really no an emotional state as it is a state of being.

There is power in a life lived in thankfulness. This power leads us to see opportunity in difficult times.

To live in such an attitude takes discipline and practice. To focus away from the "why me" to the "why not me", one must pay attention to themselves and their reaction to life. One must move away from the "poor me" attitude and develop the curiosity of learning from those diverse situtations, and discover the potential for growth and actualization.



I want to be all that I can be, I need help to focus on the truth. Help me to find know that there is a plan, and I am a part of that plan. To you I surrender myself completely.


"On any journey, we must find out where we are before we can plan the first step"......Kathy Boevink

The search for God continues. I see God at work in little snippets of my life, yet I cannot always sense His presence.

The journey of seeking God has been underway for a lifetime, knowing there is a God helps ease the pain of the traveling.

To have a strong and lasting relationship is not easy. God seems to hide and be silent so many times. They say it is not God who has moved, but us.

This feeling of abandonment stems from not having God give into my whims and fancies. I want life to conform to my ideals based only on my limited perceptions.



I shall journey through life still asking until my dieing breath "Who are you, God", I pray I can wash those scales from my eyes to see God more clearly.


I shall not pass this way again


I expect to pass through this world but once;

any good thing therefore that I can do, or any

kindness that I can show to any fellow-creature,

let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it,

for I shall not pass this way again.



I woke up this morning and listened, listened for a familiar voice. All I heard was silence. I could hear the chatter of voices in the kitchen, the running water in the shower and the drone of the morning news coming from the radio but the voice I was listening for was still absent. Would I every hear that voice again? Where is God?

Every morning for months, I listened and waited for His voice in response to my cries. My pain has been almost unbearable. No voice, no message from God, nothing but silence, a devastating, deafening silence.

Is God really powerless or callous about my difficulties? No! When I learned to listen to the silence of God, I learned some very important lessons. God’s silence is both powerful and purposeful? In His silence, God is very articulate. Like Job, my response to God’s silence has been to complain, “Behold, I cry out of wrong, but I am not heard: I cry aloud, but there is no judgment.”

Feeling that God doesn’t care makes us deaf to both His voice and His articulate silence.

He will see me through my difficulties and deal with the injustices. In His quiet presence, my Father’s articulate silence has taught me many truths.

During times of difficulty, when God is seemingly silent, I need not yield to the temptation to abandon Him. Listening to the articulate silence of God increases my ability to trust God and reduces my fears. My daily prayer is “Lord help me to listen to you in your articulate silence.”

Full Text at Silence of God


"If I am to be remembered, I hope it is for the honesty I try to demonstrate, the patience I try to live by and the compassion I feel for others"......Jo Ann Reed

We make impressions on those we have met, regardless of the duration of that meeting. It is true that "no man nor woman is an island".

Do we want people to speak well of us? Can we leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth and still live with ourselves?

We are all interconnected and we affect others and they us.

I can smile at a stranger and that may change their attitude for the rest of the day. I could also be cruel to a sales clerk and make it miserable for all her customers that day.

How do I want people to preceive me is up to me.



today I want to remember thtat I am in control of my actions and how I treat others. I want to treat others the way I want to be treated.

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