What Others are Saying:

"Just awesome! Thanks for doing a special order for me! Loves IT! nice product! classy!" Buyer: alybearmj

"I received my counters and love them they're great. However, I need to buy 5 more so I will put an order in today or tomorrow. Thanks so much!"-Jennifer

"great little counter" -peter8294

terrific stroke counter -- I intend to purchase more for my golfing friends!-Michelle

Neat Item!!! Thanks*****FATCAT

We had our last outing with the Monday morning golf league. Each of us received a wonderful glove counter made by you. You are awesome with your creations. The ladies thought they were great.

God Bless, Jayne

Hi, thank you very much for catching that. I love the counter and have given out your site to friends as well. Ive even given them as gifts to people when they visit! Just so cute and discreet.

Thanks! Janice D.

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