Let me introduce to you the 12 Step Golf Program's Spirit

I have developed my knowledge of The 12 Step programs to help golfers. Most golfers who visit this site recognize; there is more to golf than just the mechanics of the game. They are seeking the emotional gratification and stability they experience on any fleeting moment on the course, and desire more. The 12 Step Golf Program will help with issues of co-dependency, ego-centrism and the character defects which haunt us in our daily lives.

We have a saying that sums up the 12 Steps: TRUST GOD, CLEAN HOUSE AND HELP OTHERS. The Law of Attraction really can't work if we do not clear the wreckage of the past.Keep doing what your doing and you will keep getting what your getting. We do not want the baggage to weigh us down. All the self help books are of little use if we do not take responsibility for our behaviors and character defects. These shortcomings put the wall between us and the manifestation of becoming our true selves.

The why can’t I's, when I have had so many lessons and great scores, is the drum beat with a whiff, a topper or that occasional worm burner. How we handle these situations develop our character. Our character is deep in the seat of our souls. Our behavior to these uncertainties is a part of the etiquette of the game. We can curse or whine or have hissy fits only making ourselves more miserable and causing our game to really tank. These unbecoming traits are not uncommon (Tiger and Colin Montgomery came to mind). This lack of sportsmanship isn’t showing the dignity and integrity of the game.

We were given golf as a gift from God. No matter what you may your God, it was given as another way for us to discover ourselves. Golf is a gift to have us grow spiritually and emotionally. We are to become with ourselves spiritually. Golf will display our character and behavioral shortcomings, whether we like it or not. It will expose the liar-the cheat-and the thief within us.

Golf affords to us a way to become true participants in the totality of our lives, rather than passive observers.

We agree that all of us have a passion for golf. To know golf is to love golf. It is an ancient game, and no one actually knows the origins. I do have my own take on this glorious game, please visit: How Golf Got Started

The aspects of golf are the mind body and soul……..technique, physicality and emotions. Here at 12stepgolf we help explore technique and the physical sides of golf, but we do not get into the “perfect” swing. I am from the mind that there is no perfect swing, whatever it takes to get that little ball into the hole with as few shots as possible constitutes a perfect swing to me. Physically, one should be perky, dragging around with one’s head in despair isn’t a good physical position to be in. There are ways to develop the physicality for life and golf, and we do touch on some of them. We don’t golf to exercise-not much exercise on the course……to feel good on the golf course a little exercise in regular life is always beneficial.

We 12steppers would rather focus on the spiritual (emotional) component of golf. Using golf as the barometer of our progress in life in general is going to assist you to enjoy the game more and begin to have the love affair with the game deepen.

Golf isn’t just any old sport, it is unlike anything we will ever encounter as games go. It is our hope that through these steps you will carry the enlightenment with you throughout the other areas of your life.

For many the talk of a spiritual journey doesn’t seem appropriate when we discuss a game, au contraire, mon ami, where better to experience every gambit of the emotions? We can sense a well hit drive with the excitement of orgasmic exhortation and fall into the depths of hellish proportion on a putt that hangs over the hole without dropping in.

Our behavior on the highs may not contain the integrity and dignity of an honorable character the game demands any more than they do in the horrific depths of hopelessness. It is time for us to remove the board meetings in our minds, who dictate to us during any given round of golf. Golfing by committee does not engender a fun and enjoyable round. We begin this spiritual journey with the 1st step.

Come join us on this spiritual quest through the 12 Step Golf Program. Please incorporate the 12 Steps into your world, and find the path to fulfill the search for meaning and purpose in your life. To be unto others and you would have them be unto you, life is more about being than it is about doing.

Steps 1 thru 5
Steps 6 thru 9
Step 10 thru 12

You Can Improve Your Conscious Contact with Your Higher Power: The 12 Steps are the beginning to a happier and joyous adventure we call life.

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12 Step Golf is a spiritual approach to golf

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